Friday, 23 March 2012


Is something i'm clearly going to have to think about for the SLMM. Perhaps i could request a transplant of new legs for the saturday night on the event???
After the long run sunday i suffered most of monday with achy knees and then tues with just general lethargy and sore quads. However, come wed night i had a jaunt out with Wifey doing 4.63 miles in 57 mins. A nice gentle run for me, but one where she discovered eating is a requirement to having the energy to run! I wasn't my normal bouncy self.. which became more apparent for my thurs lunchtime run.. Was out with just one of the lads from work and did the short run 3.4 miles in 32 mins. Had a really tight calf during most of this and probably would have suffered if i'd been out by myself. Equally i'd probably have been pushing myself more, as it was a fairly easy paced run.
Luckily had yoga last night to stretch out and try and get everything back in order so am feeling vaguely good again this morning. Dinner out with friends tonight and then 10k race (with wifey) at the weekend!

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