Monday, 12 March 2012

Plans aborted..

Well that was a bit of an unfortunate weekend.. We'd planned a bit of an active one, but wifey ended up feeling tired Friday and then absolutely crap Saturday. So swimming was off the cards, as was a run together Sat and walk Sunday! Instead I contented myself with cleaning the cars inside and out, checking oils etc. I was also looking after her and provided well needed lucozade and toast. However, as it was blatantly apparent that she wouldn't be able to join for any exercise I went out for a run by myself doing the local 10k, Herberts hole route, that we did last weekend together. I didn't feel overly strong and certainly didn't have the push of other competitors, but managed a respectable 50mins flat.
Finally finished off the weekend with a Band rehearsal as it's less than a week now to competition time. To top that luckily wifey was a little bit better by then so cooked a fantastic beef sunday roast which we enjoyed by the fire. The remains of which have come to work in a sandwich and may again tomorrow!

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