Monday, 30 January 2012

January's almost over

gone quick hasn't it? Been a busy activity and work month, but a fun one nonetheless. In the past week - two runs and a yoga class. Normal work one thursday 3.8miles in 28 mins, then yoga in the evening (bit of a cold session). Then a nice gentle 5mile/1hr run with wifey* sat after seeing our new nephew and 3 yr old niece. Was good to catch up, play, eat and be happy. Also, as that's now two 8km runs in 8 days for wifey we've entered a 10k run in 8 weeks in marlow. Although it was decided that some new shoes are possibly in order for her, as gloopy, slippy mud can be hard work without the proper kit.
In other news, i'm quite chuffed with a mega mileage month for me, just over 55! Compared to the next highest (back in sept) of 33, i'd say that was a decent jump up. I would have done another at lunch today and even had the kit bag ready, but am just too tired so will be reading my book instead (feet in the clouds)! I'll be trying for the same mileage during feb, with a couple of long runs for me, but also some with wifey and another MMM to be doing. I cannie wait!
Still super impressed with Wifey, so far this week she's done yoga, a 40min session in gym (3k run + other stuff), 5mile run with me sat and will be flexible strength-ing tomorrow and gym wed..
*i doubt she saw it that way

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

French & Saunders

For those not in the know - Saunders:
I think when i fell and broke my back i must have lost a few brain cells (some might say were there any left).. After doing one MINI-mountain marathon*, I (yes ME**) suggested to a mate Don that i'd quite like to do this. This being a 2 day carry everything you need event and Don having only just sent out a mail saying he'd like some adventures in 2012. A man who'd also only just mentioned he'd like to do the Bob Graham round.
Clearly not a man in a place where saying no or are you sure are probably at the forefront of his mind. Therefore can you be surprised when he jumped at the man who was clearly as mad as he***!
When i think back one year I was still struggling with serious back pain after trying to do some exercise, let alone running more than once a week, or going to the gym, or doing yoga.. I mean i know I was aiming for fitness, but this is something else. Until last year i'd never really done 'organized' events preferring to be out on the hill in secluded areas with a climbing bud and that's about it. Still it's bloody good fun doing all this and after all.......
how hard can it be? Expect more training.. of which this yest wasn't too bad
oh and as for the French, working for orange does have it's benefits. Including 'free' French lessons (most tuesday lunches).
* notice the emphasis here
** and again
*** some might say a LOT madder

Monday, 23 January 2012

Climbing at last..

Ok so it was only indoors, but still that's been a while coming too! Wifey was working away in Manchester (poor her!). So i managed a crafty meet up session with my mate Chris at the westway. It wasn't the best training session i've ever had. But it was pretty good fun nonetheless. Bit of leading, bit of bouldering and a bit of a catch up. Boy did my fingers ache.. i've lost the climbers calluses.
Thursday dawned with some bad news at work (redundancies) including 2 in our team. Luckily one guy had left the week before to go back north, so they only needed to find one. However, it was a bit of a shock announcement, more so that they intended to let that person know friday! Queue 24 hrs of fretting. I still managed a run at lunch (trying to clear head, 3.8m/28 min), along with yoga in the evening - again failing to clear my head.
Luckily i'm still employed, but i'd rather avoid that in future. The guy they did choose was out of the door on friday... talk about out of the blue! Still we've been relatively lucky in that regard considering the pain that i know other people have been experiencing.
Over the weekend it was a trip up to Norfolk to help out with some cleaning. We were arms and energy in having a small spring clean at the in-laws. There's still more to do, but the bedrooms and bathrooms are now blitzed for a while. Wifey and I still managed a run sunday (prep for a possible 10k) plus helping to cook the roast.
Mind you there's a bit to do when i've a weekend at home.. a few of our fence panels gave up in the recent strong wind. So looks like a bit of remedial action's needed!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend at home

Saturday was a bit light on value entertainment from a madness perspective, but a useful chore day all the same. However, it did provide the lie-in that i'd been dreaming about all week and then a bit of a lazing in front of the tv. After that, a pootle into town for a much needed haircut and dinner bits. Back to do a tip clear out and tidy up the house. Evening was out to the cinema again. Sherlock Holmes, 4/5 definitely worth the trip out, but it did turn into a bit of a late night which meant my sunday wake up was delayed also.
However, it didn't stop a mamooth run session. I'd planned out a x-country route a while back and hadn't had chance to run it. It basically switch backed across the same ridge of chiltern hill on footpaths with a bit of road at either side to get to the next path. The only trouble was the 3 mile road-run to get there! This wasn't ideal, but it's a quiet stretch with lots of other runners too. I ended up cutting down the route i'd planned, and it was a good job too as it was still 12.5miles in 2hr7. It was a bit slower than the MMM a week back, which i blame on the lack of 'competition' and company. However, it was definitely worthwhile and one i'll try to repeat. Hopefully my knee will also feel a bit happier the next time i'm running. It was decidedly sore and then stiffened up after!
Buuuut i think i've got to think about a v.small running bag. As i suffered majorly without water and some sort of food. Got back chilled to the bone and took an age to chew a chocy, then swallow a banana, glass of water, glucose gel, tea and shower. I had totally bonked and gone through the other side... something not to be repeated.
After all that, ended up going to our local deli/brunch place for well needed sustenance, followed by cake! Then dropped of wifey at the gym whilst I did a food shop and then went back to collect her. Operation weekend at home completed!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Peak MMM

mini-mountain marathon. Sounds like fun huh? Well oddly it was!? Who wouldn't like 3 hrs of running round in the sunshine and mud looking for 'controls'? Considering it was my first time at this sort of thing, we didn't completely shame ourselves. Getting 205pts, placing 125 out of 182 am reasonably happy.
Dan and I went up a day early and had a gentle walk round the east of ladybower resevoir in the (very) strong wind. Then chilled out at the campsite, went to the cinema (MI-ghost protocol not the best: 3/5) ate and slept... hmm toasty warm new down sleeping bag! Sunday we were up early and out running by 8.30. We missed a few early on, thinking we'd be pushing to do them, in the end got back way too early, so had to go back out for more!
Ho hum, lots to learn for next time. Still back home early to wash me (and kit) then completely zone on the sofa..
I was going to post a photo with this, but haven't had time to do anything with them as yet.. so you'll just have to imagine the sweaty, knackered, muddy bu grinning manically state I was in!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Not even

two weeks have passed.. and wow it feels like a lots happened. Lots of food, family, friends and good times.
I managed to increase the running mileage to 24.38miles (3hr47 total) for the month, quite a way under the 33miles I managed back in sept, but still a good month for me. With a 5.5k boxing day jaunt and a 8k the day after. I was up in Norfolk with the inlaws at xmas and all was well received, brilliantly relaxing.
After that there was a very quick stop at home for a few days to collect cats, make costumes, get incredibly drunk at a pub quiz with our neighbour then drive down to st ives.
Once there it was a short walk on the beach, fly a kite and then proceed to get dressed up as thundercats and hit the town. Thankfully we weren't the only ones in fancy dress (it's a bit of a tradition in cornwall) but i'm pretty sure, by the comments of pretty much everyone who saw us - was that we were dammed good! It was an epic night, by anyones imaginations, and we were toast by the end of it. However, it's going down as probably one of the best new years nights out I've had in a long ole time.
It's back at work today.. but the peak mountain event this weekend. I can't wait for that either. I'm not sure the past weeks alcoholism has helped training, but a quick detox and gym/run/yoga this week should do the trick.
bring it on!