Friday, 16 March 2012

Busy week

Had a full on band rehearsal monday night as area contest is upcoming on Sat (yikes, tomorrow!). Also had a concert off the back of a kids/school brass evening when we started with the contest piece to get practice from cold in a new acoustic. It's all been planned out well by paul our conductor to keep us on our toes and I think it's been working. However, the proof as they say will be in the pudding come tomorrow.
Speaking of being on toes, managed to get out with wifey tuesday for a cheeky after work run. I was hoping it would be brighter than it turned out to be, but a torch meant that we could manage. Did 4miles in 49 mins out towards (but not all of) the pednor loop. This is part of training for her 10k in just over a week! Also had an ok run yest with work peeps, 3.8miles in 35min. Seems the crowd got a bit bigger yesterday had kev, steve, dominque and megan a work placement kid. We ended up splitting into two groups i lead off with Dom, but megan suffered and eventually had to walk part of it. Kev and steve kept her company doing sprints (i've taught them well). She's still in next week so has said that she'll go running at the weekend and will probably get out with Dom on tuesday lunch. I think being 15 that'll mean that she'll be able to beast us all next thursday!
I've set up a meet with Dan sunday (peak MMM training buddy) to get some time on feet running. Got a loop planned on the ridgeway and will at least be doing 11miles, but depending on how it goes could be bumping this up to 16 and d'you know what? I cannie wait.... there's got to be something wrong with me.

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