Monday, 26 March 2012

a quiet weekend - ish

and relax.. friday was round some friends for dinner (and very nice it was too). Followed by a lovely lie in (bliss). The rest of the day was a bit of a garden tidy sorting out a new phone and generally enjoying being outside.

Sunday was where the action was.. We'd both booked in for the Marlow water for life 10k race and set the alarms to get there nice and early. After all there were ~200 peeps in the 10k and 650+ for the half marathon (15 mins earlier). That's a lot of people to get down into marlow! Still it was a cracking day, bit cool to stand around in early on, but once running boy it was HOT! Thank god for a halfway drink.. I was company for wifey and mobile support/cheering team. But she did brilliantly and smashed her last 10k run time, i'm really chuffed! I think she might even be prepared to do another later this year ;-)

Dedication.. last tuesday nights run
It was brilliantly organized, compared to the chiltern one i had a few weeks back, but these guys have clearly had some practice. I might even sign up for next year.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting some well earned lunch + cake and a further mooch in the garden (but not much). I'm now remembering the need for sunscreen!

Eeek, now this weekend is looming large with a massive 33mile, two day run/exped, saunders training session planned. Yikes!

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