Monday, 29 April 2013


Well probably not, but the past week did see a two run thursday 3.4miles 26:23 and 3.26miles 25:30. Not too bad after those two and it was a glorious day for running, if a little warm.

Sat we had some friends round in the arvo, which was good for a catch up and a natter. Chores n'boring stuff in the morning.

Sunday also managed to get out for an extended loop of the Herbets hole run. This has a couple of sharp ups to contend with although the 'herberts' part of the run is a bit straight and flat. Did this whilst leaving my two girls dozing on the sofa with the hunt for red october on telly.

Extended herberts loop

I did have a bit of forethough and prepped for a steak meal.. It involves marinading a flat iron steak in red wine, garlic, herbs, olive oil and salt for 2hrs+. It comes out super tasty, coupled with some early asparagus and sautéed potatoes... YUM! Perfect grub for after the run really! Well that and the cocolate brownie pud with cream.


As i said some version of normality may be resuming. I do like my run and cake...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Newborn arrival

Sorry have been woefully lax at posting updates.. However, i do have a reason for the lack of bloggage

Our first born arrived Friday 29th March! Amelia was 7lb10oz when she came out then went on a bit of a diet, but is putting the pounds on again. Mum is getting back to strength and i'm now back at work and missing being at home with them both.

The cats are only mildly interested and most of the time just veg out (as they normally do)

In other news.. I have done a couple of work runs and a couple outside of work too. Nothing spectacular, but it's gotta be done to make sure that i'm vaguely towards fit. Since it's only 10+ weeks to the SLMM, eek!

However, it does seem that there's a group of participants that i know this year, with a swedish contingent... So should be a good saturday night, so long as we can all stay awake for a bit of a natter!