Monday, 19 March 2012

mammoth weekend

After my post from friday things have been busy (again). Thankfully friday night it was a quiet one which meant i could see my wife.. although that didn't work too well as i was shattered so in bed by 10! However, it was an early ish start sat and off to the draw. I managed to draw 4th which help our conductor get away to Newcastle, but not before we played. From a band perspective it didn't sound like our best performance, but it was still solid. We then had an interminably long wait after, but it was good to chat to some of the band as there's not always opportunity. Anyway come results and 4th, 3rd, 2nd are all announced. With a suitable pause........ Amersham band came first! An outright win and the judge even said that we were head and shoulders above the rest (no not the shampoo). So fantastic news, we're promoted to the 3rd section and are off to Cheltenham for the national finals in Sept.
I was quite tired after this so got home to pizza and was back in bed by 10! But there was a reason..
I'd planned a run with Dan (peak MMM partner) over near Wallingford. It was an early ish start to be over there for 9am and it was bloomin foggy. However, it soon burnt off and heated up a bit so we enjoyed a run along the Ridgeway, down the Thames and back up Icknield way to the cars. Having covered ~12 miles in 2 hrs we both still felt good and luckily I'd planned an additional loop if we wanted it. This took in some more hills and added on about 5 miles in a further hour. Which sure felt like it at the time. All in all it was 17.37 miles in 3:03.
It sounds like we both suffered from a post exercise low from this and i've got a fair share of aches and pains to contend with but it's a perfect bit of training for the SLMM in july!

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