Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kinder killer build up

So for the past couple of weeks there's been a flurry of emails between me and my saunders partner (don) about a training weekend. To get a feel for our fitness levels, running pace, kit required, food needed and further training needed! Well... it's this weekend and Don being based in Sheffield has picked a route called the 'Kinder Killer', no honestly. He's being kind tho, as since we're going to run it, with full packs on (kinda the idea of a saunders training weekend) it'll be over two days with a stop in Edale campsite.
So i laid out most of my gear last night and packed it up.. then being sensible took the running kit out and went for a short run at lunchtime today ;-) (3.8miles in 33:40).
I can't wait, it's a mixture of excitement and a bit nervy as this'll be a BIG weekend. I can do running 15+miles ok-ish, but carrying a sac full of camping stuff, with some big hills and then doing it all again the next day? Hmmm, i'll try and post up next week, but don't expect anything too coherent!
That is of course if i can get fuel for the return trip! Grrr blooming tanker drivers

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