About Me

Blimey where to begin..
I'm a climber at heart, but after breaking my back in the alps in sept '09 and the ensuing lay off i found it increasingly hard to motivate a return. Also, my regular climbing partner, Stefan, moved back to his homeland in Sweden to live with his long suffering girlfriend.
However, I'm normally a crag rat, not bouldering, but have been moving towards mountaineering and mountain routes. In the alps when i get a chance, but multi pitch are more my thing. Having said that as a yearly thing i'll try and get over to Fontainbleau for some bouldering as it's a certain place of childhood fun (think of a giant, boulder strewn sand pit).
This used to be the normal weekend activity, but of late I have been veering off on several tangents. Triathlons being one which I took up last year after trying to find my fitness and starting up running. However, after a random beer based comment I was invited along to some mountain marathons since a mate introduced me to this 'madness'. This has meant a fairly regular running and training schedule and some even odder looks from people at work!
Brass banding being another activity. I used to play trumpet back at school, but forgot this when I was at uni. Then on a chance meeting got invited to my local band and took up cornet for a bit, before switching to Tenor Horn the position i currently hold. Banding involves a lot of practice every monday night and a busy summer season of gigs in parks, beer fests (another passion) fetes and other local things. We keep seeming to do well at contests, which is a bonus and shows some progress.
T'other interests of MTB, canoeing and general outdoor stuff are done when the weather is inclined to force, or company dictates the adventure. I brew beer every now and again, especially for parties and will be known to have a tipple or two. Also since i'm a fat man in a skinny man's body I will demolish any bit of cake put in front of me, plus will provide flapjack, so long as i've left any!

Finally, this blog is a bit of memory for me, weekends had, trips done, events completed all sorts. Plus i get to babble incoherently at randoms. I really hope you stick around as you're more than welcome to the inner workings of my mind.
p.s for most people i'm known as Gingerdave, with a reputation that seems to precede me for some reason...