Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lakeland fun

Decided on a short notice trip to the lakes with wifey. Stayed in a fab cottage in the far north (nr bothel/bassenthwaite) which is a carpenters 'show' property, but also used as a rental. It really makes a whole world of difference to her (well and me) to be able to come back and be warm!
Anyway a late drive up friday so a bit of a slow start sat, but i'd planned a few walks so we decided on a nice gentle one to get the legs working. Mellbreak (509 - 512m) next to Crummock Water, ~7miles but a fair bit of up for some fab views to the surroundings. It was a bit blowy up top and not much shelter so we didn't hang about. Stopped for a very short lunch in the lee of a mound, then carried on down and back round the between Mellbreak and Crummock water. Popped into the loweswater pub (reccomended!) and then moseyed back to the cottage to collapse in heaps. A busy week and a long drive can really take it out of you.
Sunday had a bit of an earlier start and looking at the forecast took a sensible option to go north east which should have meant clear spots and lower wind. Trouble was the forecast wasn't quite right. Anyway nevermind we'd arrived to try Blencathra via Hall's fell. We got on with the lower path (parking near scales) having fun with a few of the large steps needed on scaley beck and then tackled the lower slopes on Hall's fell. It's unrelentingly up! A bit of choclate sustenance and onwards. Past a few cairns and then into the low clouds and onto a weaving path taking the best route up the ridge. We stopped in the lee of some of these rocks for lunch. As the wind was picking up and with the low clouds it was a bit chilly.
We struggled on for quite a way, but as Wifey isn't a climber it was more than tricky in a few spots. Getting to a point where we needed to fully commit to the route with the worsening wind, rain forecasted and the ridges exposure we decided to back track. It was a bit gutting for us both, but perhaps in hindsight a bit of a challenging route for the conditions (ridges/wind never a good combo). Thankfully i've not put wifey off for life and she already wants to go back in better conditions to finish it off.
Looking at some photos of it online so do i!
(hall's fell is the middle ridge on this photo)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Peak MMM no 2

Much the same format as before. Dan picked me up from home 9am, but we then had to have a minor detour all the way back to reading as he'd forgotten his trail shoes. It made for a bit of a longer journey to the peak but we were in no rush. Stopped for a tea, cake and lunch purchase in morrisons. Then onto calver for a walk along froggat and white peak edge. It was a bit of a blustery one and luckily we both took waterproof troos as it started hailing and blowing a fair bit. Still nice enough and saw a couple of groups of deer ~50m away from the path. Shame i'd not taken a camera really! It's a nice walk and you get some good views, even if it is of the weather coming your way!
Sat night was a cold one, we went to the cinema again Chronicle 2/5 not worth the price.. bit of an odd film really. Back to the tent in some falling snow hot choc and sleep. Was very cold overnight felt below the 0c forecast and bloomin windy! Woke to hail balls on the ground, but a clear, blue sky crisp feb morning. Packed up and got over to the start for about 8.30 faffed and then started at just before 9am.
The run itself was hard work. Calver's in a valley so it was always going to be up and out, but there was an up out one side, back down and then back up the other! We made a couple of nav errors, missed a control when charging down a fire road/path, chose to do an extra control when we shouldn't have and then unfortunately Dan struggled during the final 20 mins (muddy path/lack of grip).
We ended up over time by 18 mins, 80 points deducted and 2nd to last in the group. Hey ho you live and learn. Still it was a good day out and i sure felt it yesterday and continue to feel it today. It's all good training for the saunders tho!

Friday, 17 February 2012


I think the weekend bushed me out more than i remember, or I just need a bit more sunshine! Struggled with tiredness all this week. Band monday, nice meal at home tues, gym wed, run and yoga thurs then somehow it's already the weekend again. Which means?.... get those running shoes on it's time for a Peak MMM again!
I think i'm more excited by this one than the last. I didn't know what to expect last month, but do now and know what Dan and I are like running together a bit more. I've also done a fair bit more distance than last time, including a bit more map based work. Forecast is looking ok for the sunday (wet sat) so might end up just going for a walk again sat then possibly cinema in the eve. Anyhoo I reckon it should be good!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Wood and chores

I decided on a gym, run, gym combo in the end. Was quite good although i'd been suffering from a tight right hamstring. So lots of stretching, some use of the power plate thing in the gym for massage and it seems back on track. I also had a bit of help to us the smith press machine so will encorporate that in a bit more. The weekend was one at home ;-). Went out to the local pub friday with wifey (much enjoyed) but it was a bit of a cold walk to and from this! Being at home and shattered from a busy week had a mahoosive lie in saturday. Something like 12 hrs of sleep. Must have been muchos needed.
Was then up and out to collect logs locally and deliver back home, whilst wifey went to the gym to give zumba a try. She really enjoyed this and has booked in for next week too. We then had a very late burns night to attend over in Thame, a nice evening but a bit of a cold drive home, car was reading minus 12! Stayed up to chat with wifey for a bit then crashed to bed.
Sunday was making the most of being at home, so went for a winter walk with wifey. Ended up being a bit late for that so food shop, ravenous lunch and chores made up the rest of the day. Chat with Bro and a chiltern beer to top it all off.
Not bad, not bad at all i'd say! Bring on the peak mini-mountain marathon this weekend..

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

cool running

Had a fab time at the weekend going to visit friends Chris and Claire in reading for a lovely evening of food and wine. It wasn't too late a night as i'd coerced (it didn't take much) Chris into going for a run. A little bit of snow didn't put us off and we had a hoot going round a chiltern circuit near to him. We'd done it back in dec when it was muddy 9miles/1hr 22, this time the mud was frozen, but there was a fair covering of snow to contend with. Which meant i was very happy to reproduce 1hr 22.
Stopped for a quick photo op, hence the below.

This week, i missed out on booking yoga for thursday (grr!) so am just contemplating alternatives. Possibly gym tonight, run tomorrow lunch, gym again.. or maybe longer run tonight, run tomorrow, gym at night.

Friday, 3 February 2012


into the saunders proper now, there's no pulling out - not that i'd want to anyway. I seem to have enough enthusiasm for my team mate Don and myself! Although i have sensed some trepidation him. However, i figure his day job (mountain guide, MTB trainer) should stand him in good stead. So it's just me who needs to bump up the distances... As he says it's about 17 miles, plus 2000m of ascent and the same again the next day! Hopefully i'll get out this sunday for a long one. It's looking like it might be a bit chilly tho!
Had an ok session at the gym Tues, and a gentle run yest, 3.4m in 33 mins another new guy at work joining for this run. I couldn't get to Yoga, but wifey went to do this and said it was an excellent session. Instead i think another gym session for both of us tonight (kit in car - no excuses). Then a lie in for tomorrow this week has been hard to wake up.