Monday, 26 September 2011


Norfolk really is quite flat y'know. Had a fairly chilled weekend. Didn't leave till after dinner friday which meant the traffic was a bit better than normal (but still an accident on M1). Arrived and said hello before passing out, i must have been more tired than I thought.

However, that wasn't going to stop me going for a run as I felt in need of one. I'd scoped out a route on an OS map that looked a good distance and thought it could either be one or two laps depending on how I was feeling. Thankfully I took the one loop option as it was quite long at 11.6k. I wouldn't say it was the most interesting of runs, dyke, endless fields, more fields. At one point the path disappeared and it was going to be a jump over a dyke.. Sensibly I backtracked and then had a long leg on the road. This added to the boredom, but at least there were then front gardens to peer into. 1hr5min in total which i'm happy with considering it's the first 10+k run i've done. Breakfast was well deserved after this.

hmm pancakes

Took MIL for a spin into King's Lynn for a mooch round the shops, it's amazing how most people are completely ignorant of wheelchair users and how some shops are excellent and others useless. Also, although pedestrianisation of high streets is great, but why do they generally insist on cobble effect (ok not quite as bumpy as the real stuff) it's hardly wheelchair friendly. After this it was going to be a scrabble rematch, but it quickly became apparent there were quite a few tiles missing.

Sunday was another, shorter, easier run, followed by sunday roast with some of the best yorkshires i've made in a long time. A short and brief visit, but one that probably did a world of good. Oh and guess what, more beetroot soup sunday night... Still at least it's super tasty!

soupy goodness

Friday, 23 September 2011

Not much to report..

The fire's now in use, seems it was in dire need of being swept said the sweep. I had a fairly below par run with a colleague who's getting back into it after 7months of non-running. It was a good improvement for him (no walking involved and 1 min faster for the distance), but I oddly felt like going out again, just not enough time in a lunchbreak. In the evening it was a pubbage trip to to meet up with friends for drinks, collect loaned climbing gear and talk about various adventures we'd all been having.
This morning was dentistry, no fillings for both of us just a check-up and clean but there's always that dreaded moment when they're umming and aahing whilst poking around. Also luckily the weather is very good, and looks good for the weekend so guttering folks cracked on mega early today and hopefully will have made some serious progress. They still need to make a return trip to finish off but hopefully it'll get sorted soon-ish.
Beetroot soup made tuesday and some frozen. Beetroot and chocolate cake made wednesday (wasn't allowed to make more soup). Beetroot and chocolate cake demolished thursday...... I did take it to work yet still managed to eat quite a lot of it myself.
Tonight it's a quick blat up to norfolk to see the in-laws as i didn't remember another birthday was this weekend. So i think more beetroot cake will be required! Hopefully will get a run of some distance tho, and since it's all flat up there it should be quite good!
have a good 'un

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chiltern hills

So finally a weekend at home, and boy was it needed. Friday we enjoyed a pub dinner out (a rare treat at home) with plans discussed for the weekend. Saturday woke lateish, began by watching the rugby, but soon progressed to awake and pottering. After ablutions we packed a small bag and drove out to low scrubs, nr Chequers for a relatively quick walk through the forests and up to the lofty heights of the Chilterns (257m), 7.5miles in 1hr 40. Really nice walk with acorns crunching underfoot, but we didn't get to see the Camerons. Back home and a monumental food shop on empty stomachs, which gave a late lunch ravenous status.
The afternoon was spent doing a few things in the garden (yet more damsons to pick up, we're jammed out and ginning up!) but mostly relaxing. Sunday was house clean and tidy up, the normal things for being at home. Grace is at home today for the chimney sweep to visit, which'll mean the fire can finally get into use, it's getting nippy at night. At the end of the week, weather permitting, the guttering folks are coming round as a job that's been put off far too long can get sorted. Which'll be one less thing to worry about, but does mean yet more money out.. Sometimes living in a cave would seem so much easier.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In other news

There's been further running on thursdays, including an excellent fartlek session pre lakes. Plus an attempt at running in the lakes (it's hilly there..) and a vertitable explosion of river cottage home baking. Rhubard crumble, plum crumble, damson jam and gin soon to follow. Tomato soup (lots thereof) using onions and carrots from garden. Also banding on monday nights, when not in cornwall or lakes, plus trying to do practice at home.. This is due to an upcoming competition for which membership cards have been renewed, entry forms sent off and carnage round our house.

At some point soon i'm sure i'll get a free weekend..

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lakeland rain

So in the intervening weeks I've been a bit busy.

After the Bank hol I had a manic 3 days at work, with three busy evenings, unpacking, washing, repacking and also a band rehearsal. Why you ask? Well cause on friday we went to the lakes with my MIL to stay in a nice cottage in Eskdale Green. It was a horrible drive, 8 hours in the end (yikes!) but we arrived and chilled out in a wicked little cottage. However, it was a very good job we'd taken food with us, as although the local store had some basics, there wasn't a lot about!

Over the course of the week, we were blasted by strong winds, rain, thunderstorms and the very occasional day of sunshine. However, much scrabble was played (i'm still not sure of the overall winner ;-) ), good food eaten and tea drunk, plus possibly some beer. On one of the good days Grace and I managed a good walk up Harter Fell from Dalegarth, although the paths were slightly wet*, but it had an excellent view from the top and it was a not so hard day out.

Yup, that's the path

The other, which started off rainy, was on Muncaster Fell. This was a very gentle amble from Irton road station back down the line to Muncaster station on mud fest, but it was another good walk with Grace and an excellent way to finish, by catching the train back to the car.

The 'River Irt' one of the many trains on the railway.

All in all, a very relaxing week, but somehow i'm yet again tired for work. Still French today, then possible a run and a swim tomorrow, I'm sure that'll help..

*some rivers don't run as deep as this.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sun, sea, surf and climbing

Well ok if you count one route as climbing. However, it was an awesome route.. Little brown jug VS 5a. For those in the know, that's in cornwall.

Surprisingly cornwall wasn't completely full (considering aug bank hol weekend).. and luckily one of our party was down early to nab a field space in what turned out to be an excellent campsite (tower park, St Buryan if you're interested). After an early leave from work friday and stop-off in swindon to collect a friend we eventually arrived at a not-so-late time of 11pm. Pitching up the stars looked awesome and a beer in hand we passed away a few hours catching up before turning in to cosy sleeping bags.

Saturday awoke to surf of 5 foot, so beach day it was. I don't know why.. but i persist in trying to surf. It didn't go all that well as before i only get a foot (or two) on the board before falling off in ever increasingly fun ways. Surfacing barely able to breath before the next wave hits... However, an awesome day, and not too much sunburn ;-).

Sunday a long-ish walk from Porthcurno to Sennen, via lands end (urgh). Yet again another awesome day, and sun sun sun. It was a bit of a bummer we didn't go climbing this day, but it started a little wet and looked iffy. Only till we left the campsite did it clear up (always the way).

Hmm, granity goodness. Pic from stig camera (mark taking shot)

Finally monday and a blast round to Bosigran to find this 3 star gem. Stig got the first lead and I the harder second pitch. Which may have took me some time, especially without the crucial peg. But I held my nerve and completed in style. The other two thoroughly enjoyed following and apart from a minor slip arrived grinning and pumped.. but unfortunately time was tight and we had to mosey. So a quick munch of an awesome cornish pastie and back to the campsite we went.

This was where there was a slight downer on the weekend.. we discovered the loss of Grace's wedding rings.. No amount of searching found them and returning to beaches, lifeguards, metal detectors and police calls has so far resulted in nothing. Unfortunately it seems they're MIA.. So bummed by that we departed and will have to make a few phone calls to the insurance co.

However, apart from that a wicked weekend and just a crammed week before heading up to the lakes tomorrow. Yikes!