Monday, 29 April 2013


Well probably not, but the past week did see a two run thursday 3.4miles 26:23 and 3.26miles 25:30. Not too bad after those two and it was a glorious day for running, if a little warm.

Sat we had some friends round in the arvo, which was good for a catch up and a natter. Chores n'boring stuff in the morning.

Sunday also managed to get out for an extended loop of the Herbets hole run. This has a couple of sharp ups to contend with although the 'herberts' part of the run is a bit straight and flat. Did this whilst leaving my two girls dozing on the sofa with the hunt for red october on telly.

Extended herberts loop

I did have a bit of forethough and prepped for a steak meal.. It involves marinading a flat iron steak in red wine, garlic, herbs, olive oil and salt for 2hrs+. It comes out super tasty, coupled with some early asparagus and sautéed potatoes... YUM! Perfect grub for after the run really! Well that and the cocolate brownie pud with cream.


As i said some version of normality may be resuming. I do like my run and cake...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Newborn arrival

Sorry have been woefully lax at posting updates.. However, i do have a reason for the lack of bloggage

Our first born arrived Friday 29th March! Amelia was 7lb10oz when she came out then went on a bit of a diet, but is putting the pounds on again. Mum is getting back to strength and i'm now back at work and missing being at home with them both.

The cats are only mildly interested and most of the time just veg out (as they normally do)

In other news.. I have done a couple of work runs and a couple outside of work too. Nothing spectacular, but it's gotta be done to make sure that i'm vaguely towards fit. Since it's only 10+ weeks to the SLMM, eek!

However, it does seem that there's a group of participants that i know this year, with a swedish contingent... So should be a good saturday night, so long as we can all stay awake for a bit of a natter!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Working backwards

Apologies for yet again another quiet month in posting… However, it’s been anything but quiet in terms of things doing!

Soo in reverse order:

16/17th was contesting weekend and boy did we have a good ‘un. After a lot of hard work and rehearsals Amersham Brass band came 1st in the regional contest for the third section. Since we’d only just been promoted the year before that’s not a bad result and now means were off to the finals in Cheltenham come September! Sunday was a spot of swimming and a bit of yoga whilst Wifey was having a bit of a snooze

9/10th was a double whammy of rehearsals for the contest – which was clearly worth the effort. Plus In-laws coming to visit, Sunday roast and a catch up.

2/3rd didn’t do much this weekend as had been coming down with a cold and then ended up being off work for the wed-fri leading up to this. I did manage a light swim on the Sunday with wifey more for her benefit than mine really!

23/24th was an early morning run Saturday, plus some yoga earlier in the week. I wasn’t feeling fab on the Sunday tho so took it easy.

I’m ever hopeful for some runs this weekend, but will need to keep on top of things. I am feeling slightly perturbed by the lack of training. But I think the ming weather we seem to be having isn’t helping my motivation to train. I HAVE to re-instigate work lunchtime runs..

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Decorating part deux - the update

Blimey so time has flown by yet again.. Plastering, decorating and delays meant that a job of 2 weeks, turned into 3. I'll post up some photos when i'm near a proper PC. Needless to say it's now looking pretty swish. Less ideal was the lack of a radiator for those 3 weeks, especially during the snow, but there must be chaos to have tranquility (hah not in our house!).

Weekends have consisted of band rehearsals, NCT classes, seeing friends for whiskey and beer. Then there was a small matter of a work sales conference in Berlin. I think it took a good few days for my liver to recover from that. However, it was a cracking good time and good to see all the UK lads kicking up a storm all through the night.. (i capitulated at 5am, but made conference at 11am).

The past weekend has been finising off a few painting bits and tidying up round the house finally. Plus 2 runs locally and a swim. I'm not sure my body was expecting that, but it's coped admirably!

More band, swimming hopefully tonight and finally a Yoga session on wednesday (been over a month since my last session).

Sorting out the final few bits for the soon-to-be arrival also..

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Where's Jan gone?

Almost the end of the month and it feels like the blink of an eye. Life is moving quickly at the moment and i'm struggling to keep up.

2 weekends ago was a NCT course on the Saturday followed by odds n sods in town. Sunday morning a run, but nothing spectacular (4.25m/38min) the weather was chilly, but a good morning sunrise helped to warm the limbs. I can't remember much of note from the rest of the day..

Monday band, beginning the long process of getting the area test piece up to scratch. Tuesday a swim after having a rootle through the lost goggles i had to borrow a pair... Wednesday boxing and packing up various bits in the living room ready for 'decorate part deux' annnnd Weekend before you know it.

Theatre trip to see Top Hat, which was great fun. Also bizarrely a friend of the family was playing guitar in the pit, wish i'd have known i'd have said hello. The trombones stood out for me, some really good parts.

Sunday, monday were decorating days. I'd have gone for runs on both, but after a hellish commute home on the friday  (3:30 including a 30 min walk in inappropriate gear) i picked up a coldy thing so didn't feel up for it. Normally running in the snow, breaking trail is great, great, fun!

More decorating updates to follow.. joy!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Birthday Boy

No not me, my Nephew was 1 at the weekend! So for a difference we were over in south wales having much cake and (loud) fun opening lots of present and playing with toys. It was a brilliant weekend playing with my niece and nephew plus seeing the family.

However, i also felt i needed to be getting my running shoes back on and in a pique of madness set an alarm for 7:15 on the sunday. Failing to realise that i was in unfamiliar territory and it was very dark outside.. Luckily i had a bright headtorch in the car so headed out.

I proceeded to find a bramble patch veering off course, then struggled to find the proper path. Got lost in a very dark forest, found another path. Missed a turning, got chased by some sheep. Missed another path and had to backtrack. Veered off-course again into a logging operation which was VERY muddy and impossible to run through. Then finally got to habitation only to be slightly lost. Luckily I headed the right way and then recognised a farm name (marked on the map) and found the same path back home. Which then meant heading down a muddy steep path (aka a slide fest) before collapsing back at the front door an hour later. I'd covered a barely 4 mile 'run'.

Still I had a cracking view of the sunrise over Hay Bluff and apart from the scratches and blood had a pretty good time. I'm not sure anyone else would have if they'd have been with me....

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well the festivities are well and truly over and i'm probably a little bit heavier (but not by much) than i was before..

Christmas was over in a blur of seeing family and cooking lots. Although there was a very enjoyable visit to a tiny cinema to see the Hobbit (loved it 5/5). There wasn't much running or activity as i hadn't been feeling well in the run up to xmas so took it a bit easy. However, we did have a very short walk to blow away some cobwebs on the Sheringham sea front.

Back to work for a few days between xmas and new year which was extremely quiet, but beneficial in getting lots done and being off work early both days. After this it was a jaunt up to the cotswolds with friends to see in the new year. Having a cottage was a god-send and we took full advantage by going for a long bike ride in the cold and wet sat (42km ish). Sunday was a dry but very windy walk around Broadway tower. Monday a horribly muddy run round Ilmington. During which i suffered slightly from a lack of running in the past month and also taking the bolder option of shorts - brrr. However, all was forgiven by a quick half in the pub after and standing by the open fire. 
Broadway Tower
The night itself was much food, merriment and suave dressing by all and Lo another year has passed by in a wonderful blur of good times, activity and fun with friends.

Wishing you all the best in 2013.