Friday, 2 March 2012


I just seem to have entered a 10k run this sunday... and have promised a 10k training run saturday. Plus have the in-laws over friday, a band rehearsal, a walk and a lunch with friends planned for after the run sunday.
wow even for me, that seems a lot to cram into one weekend.
Although thinking about it i remember recording a CD* over a weekend last year (full day sat) and fitting in a 20kbike, followed by 5k run on the sunday, then spending the rest of the day in the recording.. so maybe not?!
In other news, am chuffed with a wicked 3.8mile run in 27:26 yesterday and 5km of that in 22:25. Some really good times for me!
*don't get excited i'm no rock star, it was for the brass band link

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