Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Decorating part deux - the update

Blimey so time has flown by yet again.. Plastering, decorating and delays meant that a job of 2 weeks, turned into 3. I'll post up some photos when i'm near a proper PC. Needless to say it's now looking pretty swish. Less ideal was the lack of a radiator for those 3 weeks, especially during the snow, but there must be chaos to have tranquility (hah not in our house!).

Weekends have consisted of band rehearsals, NCT classes, seeing friends for whiskey and beer. Then there was a small matter of a work sales conference in Berlin. I think it took a good few days for my liver to recover from that. However, it was a cracking good time and good to see all the UK lads kicking up a storm all through the night.. (i capitulated at 5am, but made conference at 11am).

The past weekend has been finising off a few painting bits and tidying up round the house finally. Plus 2 runs locally and a swim. I'm not sure my body was expecting that, but it's coped admirably!

More band, swimming hopefully tonight and finally a Yoga session on wednesday (been over a month since my last session).

Sorting out the final few bits for the soon-to-be arrival also..