Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kinder killer build up

So for the past couple of weeks there's been a flurry of emails between me and my saunders partner (don) about a training weekend. To get a feel for our fitness levels, running pace, kit required, food needed and further training needed! Well... it's this weekend and Don being based in Sheffield has picked a route called the 'Kinder Killer', no honestly. He's being kind tho, as since we're going to run it, with full packs on (kinda the idea of a saunders training weekend) it'll be over two days with a stop in Edale campsite.
So i laid out most of my gear last night and packed it up.. then being sensible took the running kit out and went for a short run at lunchtime today ;-) (3.8miles in 33:40).
I can't wait, it's a mixture of excitement and a bit nervy as this'll be a BIG weekend. I can do running 15+miles ok-ish, but carrying a sac full of camping stuff, with some big hills and then doing it all again the next day? Hmmm, i'll try and post up next week, but don't expect anything too coherent!
That is of course if i can get fuel for the return trip! Grrr blooming tanker drivers

Monday, 26 March 2012

a quiet weekend - ish

and relax.. friday was round some friends for dinner (and very nice it was too). Followed by a lovely lie in (bliss). The rest of the day was a bit of a garden tidy sorting out a new phone and generally enjoying being outside.

Sunday was where the action was.. We'd both booked in for the Marlow water for life 10k race and set the alarms to get there nice and early. After all there were ~200 peeps in the 10k and 650+ for the half marathon (15 mins earlier). That's a lot of people to get down into marlow! Still it was a cracking day, bit cool to stand around in early on, but once running boy it was HOT! Thank god for a halfway drink.. I was company for wifey and mobile support/cheering team. But she did brilliantly and smashed her last 10k run time, i'm really chuffed! I think she might even be prepared to do another later this year ;-)

Dedication.. last tuesday nights run
It was brilliantly organized, compared to the chiltern one i had a few weeks back, but these guys have clearly had some practice. I might even sign up for next year.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting some well earned lunch + cake and a further mooch in the garden (but not much). I'm now remembering the need for sunscreen!

Eeek, now this weekend is looming large with a massive 33mile, two day run/exped, saunders training session planned. Yikes!

Friday, 23 March 2012


Is something i'm clearly going to have to think about for the SLMM. Perhaps i could request a transplant of new legs for the saturday night on the event???
After the long run sunday i suffered most of monday with achy knees and then tues with just general lethargy and sore quads. However, come wed night i had a jaunt out with Wifey doing 4.63 miles in 57 mins. A nice gentle run for me, but one where she discovered eating is a requirement to having the energy to run! I wasn't my normal bouncy self.. which became more apparent for my thurs lunchtime run.. Was out with just one of the lads from work and did the short run 3.4 miles in 32 mins. Had a really tight calf during most of this and probably would have suffered if i'd been out by myself. Equally i'd probably have been pushing myself more, as it was a fairly easy paced run.
Luckily had yoga last night to stretch out and try and get everything back in order so am feeling vaguely good again this morning. Dinner out with friends tonight and then 10k race (with wifey) at the weekend!

Monday, 19 March 2012

mammoth weekend

After my post from friday things have been busy (again). Thankfully friday night it was a quiet one which meant i could see my wife.. although that didn't work too well as i was shattered so in bed by 10! However, it was an early ish start sat and off to the draw. I managed to draw 4th which help our conductor get away to Newcastle, but not before we played. From a band perspective it didn't sound like our best performance, but it was still solid. We then had an interminably long wait after, but it was good to chat to some of the band as there's not always opportunity. Anyway come results and 4th, 3rd, 2nd are all announced. With a suitable pause........ Amersham band came first! An outright win and the judge even said that we were head and shoulders above the rest (no not the shampoo). So fantastic news, we're promoted to the 3rd section and are off to Cheltenham for the national finals in Sept.
I was quite tired after this so got home to pizza and was back in bed by 10! But there was a reason..
I'd planned a run with Dan (peak MMM partner) over near Wallingford. It was an early ish start to be over there for 9am and it was bloomin foggy. However, it soon burnt off and heated up a bit so we enjoyed a run along the Ridgeway, down the Thames and back up Icknield way to the cars. Having covered ~12 miles in 2 hrs we both still felt good and luckily I'd planned an additional loop if we wanted it. This took in some more hills and added on about 5 miles in a further hour. Which sure felt like it at the time. All in all it was 17.37 miles in 3:03.
It sounds like we both suffered from a post exercise low from this and i've got a fair share of aches and pains to contend with but it's a perfect bit of training for the SLMM in july!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Busy week

Had a full on band rehearsal monday night as area contest is upcoming on Sat (yikes, tomorrow!). Also had a concert off the back of a kids/school brass evening when we started with the contest piece to get practice from cold in a new acoustic. It's all been planned out well by paul our conductor to keep us on our toes and I think it's been working. However, the proof as they say will be in the pudding come tomorrow.
Speaking of being on toes, managed to get out with wifey tuesday for a cheeky after work run. I was hoping it would be brighter than it turned out to be, but a torch meant that we could manage. Did 4miles in 49 mins out towards (but not all of) the pednor loop. This is part of training for her 10k in just over a week! Also had an ok run yest with work peeps, 3.8miles in 35min. Seems the crowd got a bit bigger yesterday had kev, steve, dominque and megan a work placement kid. We ended up splitting into two groups i lead off with Dom, but megan suffered and eventually had to walk part of it. Kev and steve kept her company doing sprints (i've taught them well). She's still in next week so has said that she'll go running at the weekend and will probably get out with Dom on tuesday lunch. I think being 15 that'll mean that she'll be able to beast us all next thursday!
I've set up a meet with Dan sunday (peak MMM training buddy) to get some time on feet running. Got a loop planned on the ridgeway and will at least be doing 11miles, but depending on how it goes could be bumping this up to 16 and d'you know what? I cannie wait.... there's got to be something wrong with me.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Plans aborted..

Well that was a bit of an unfortunate weekend.. We'd planned a bit of an active one, but wifey ended up feeling tired Friday and then absolutely crap Saturday. So swimming was off the cards, as was a run together Sat and walk Sunday! Instead I contented myself with cleaning the cars inside and out, checking oils etc. I was also looking after her and provided well needed lucozade and toast. However, as it was blatantly apparent that she wouldn't be able to join for any exercise I went out for a run by myself doing the local 10k, Herberts hole route, that we did last weekend together. I didn't feel overly strong and certainly didn't have the push of other competitors, but managed a respectable 50mins flat.
Finally finished off the weekend with a Band rehearsal as it's less than a week now to competition time. To top that luckily wifey was a little bit better by then so cooked a fantastic beef sunday roast which we enjoyed by the fire. The remains of which have come to work in a sandwich and may again tomorrow!

Monday, 5 March 2012


I'll come back to that in 2 ticks..
So arriving home Friday the in-laws were already over, so a quick hello and then off out for a meal, followed by beers in the pub! Shattered we all collapsed into bed, but suffered from some very noisy cats who decided they'd much rather be awake than asleep. Saturday FIL went to a farm auction whilst wifey and i did a 10k exploratory route. It was perfect, missing the rain, 10k door to door and barely a soul in sight. We did pass a funny place, a model airfield! It looked quite cute tucked away where it was, and surrounded by ploughed fields.
Then took MIL on a quick outing to John lewis for lunch and a few bits. This ended up involving wifey spending money on new gym kit.. but it's much needed (ouch). The in-laws then left to get back to Norfolk and wifey left to see friends in Warwick. I pootled about doing lots of little bits round the house before finally collapsing in bed for some much needed sleep.
Woke to pouring rain and a 10k race with Chris (claire an excellent spectator as ever).. Unfortunately there was a major F-up. Front runner missed the 3rd turn (no sign or marshal) and like a bunch of lemmings* we all followed suit. So we ended up on a completely different route, main (ish) A road getting further and further away.. I'd not really looked at the route in the morning so couldn't remember the turn either (being about 15 back at that point) but knew we shouldn't have been on the A road. Also knew that we should have been heading up to the forest, and no 1km markers... But thought hey F**k it i'm going for a run. Eventually the front guy twigged he'd gone wrong and being a local found a suitable path off the road and stayed to direct people for a bit. This then headed back onto the proper route and to the finish. It was shorter at 9km, but i'm happy with my time of 42:49. Would have probably meant a 10km of ~47.
My mate Chris who'd be running up the front would probably have finished 2nd and had a PB of 40mins, but because of the mess it's not going to be clear at all (massive organizers headache).
Anyway after that we went quickly for showers at my gym, and lunch at a fab deli in old amersham. Even with the pouring rain we'd brought everything we needed for a walk so headed out for this. On the drive it got colder and colder, with the rain getting whiter and whiter, it was snowing! We got out and about fully kitted up, and i barely needed the map for the walk i'd done 3 weeks back. It was really good again and it definitely needs a run, or MTB return trip! Unfortunately i don't think my phone liked the weather so much and is currently drying out at home.
I waved goodbye to Chris and Claire, said hello to a fire at home (and more food) and my wife. Who arrived just as I was heading out for a band rehearsal..... ouch. I was shattered and by the time i got home my eyes had matchsticks holding them up. Sleeeeeeeeeeep
More rehearsing tonight!
*see told you i'd tell

Friday, 2 March 2012


I just seem to have entered a 10k run this sunday... and have promised a 10k training run saturday. Plus have the in-laws over friday, a band rehearsal, a walk and a lunch with friends planned for after the run sunday.
wow even for me, that seems a lot to cram into one weekend.
Although thinking about it i remember recording a CD* over a weekend last year (full day sat) and fitting in a 20kbike, followed by 5k run on the sunday, then spending the rest of the day in the recording.. so maybe not?!
In other news, am chuffed with a wicked 3.8mile run in 27:26 yesterday and 5km of that in 22:25. Some really good times for me!
*don't get excited i'm no rock star, it was for the brass band link