Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekend write up

Wifey was feeling distinctly tired and didn't fancy the gym. Since i'd come home and didn't fancy driving back out, as there was a xmas fest in the town centre so traffic was bad, I decided on a run instead. Time was a bit tighter that i'd have ideally wanted so only a relatively quick blast for ~8k/40mins. Better than i'd normally get at work, but still not the 10k+ i'd really wanted.
Saturday we both had a lie-in as we were feeling shattered from a busy week. We then pootled over to collect rings (one happy wifey) and on the way back had a small diversion to Welwyn for a spot of xmas shopping and other essentials for us - mostly clothing! Once back at home we felt shattered again so didn't get the gym in the end.
However, wifey managed an early morning session sunday before going into london to meet with a friend. Whilst I was collecting a cornet player and driving to Loughborough for the brass contest. We played pretty ok, but were a man down on the basses (not yet clear why). Nerves seemed to be ok as a whole throughout the band and i thought we'd played pretty well, but our position of 7th seemed somewhat low. Anyway it's all good experience for the areas in March. Back home and chill out till picking up wifey from train after a good session in london!
This week more of the same, rehearsal, gym, run, yoga.. but come friday we're off to the lakes for a quick get-away hill bashing! Oh and definitely some trail shoes to be bought. They need bedding in and i need the practice!

Friday, 25 November 2011

and streeetch

Yoga last night, once again the only bloke in the room, not that this is necesarrily a bad thing ;-).
Different instructor this time who was much quicker in giving instructions and getting you to do the movements. Also some very interesting twist and stretch exercises. There were also some more planky type things, downward dogs, eagles and as I call them 'chameleon' moves (opposite arm/legs) all good for the core.
It did feel a bit rushed through the session, but equally good for a change.
Run on wednesday was ok, again bit of a breeze for me, but was tasking the guy at work. Took it relatively easy on the way out and then ramped it up for the way back. He asked me to run out front and keep the pace up. Probably looked a bit weird, but if it's helping him why not? Just over 3.4 miles in 31:30.
Depending on wifey may/may not go to gym tonight. Would really like to, but if not will go tomorrow morning instead. Then after we're off to collect rings as they've been made up. Wifey is definately excited by that! Sunday i've then got an early start to Loughborough for this brass band contest, if there's time tonight/tomorrow i'll get some practice in but i think we're pretty square on this as a band.
In other random news..... I've signed up with a mate to do the peak dark & white mini-mountain marathons. One in Jan and Feb (we both couldn't do the nov one this weekend). Considering i've not really done many events these'll now be 3/4 and i'm thinking about the reading half in april too. I reckon these'll be fun, they're only 3 hrs but i think the time of year could add a certain factor. But will also mean for a spot of something else on the sat whilst we're up there.. yay!
expect brass competition write up next week, and some long distance runs to be squeezed in!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Birthday buzyness

Blimey a lot seems to have happened in the intervening week.


Tuesday night gym, just a short session as i went with wifey, who'd been sunday and swim mon. So didn't do too much, but again went round the resistance stuff and did reps.

Wednesday booooring work. All morning meeting and lots to do. Then a spectacular meal out in the eve with wifey and parentals.. Oh and did i mention it was my 30th? I think the maitre got it right with a '79 congac opened especially as it was the closest to my age... lovely!

Thursday the in-laws popped round and i think I was still super tired from a late night so after they left had a quick nap before going out to yoga. Which was excellent as it was quite a lot of leg stretches etc and mine were already super tight!

Friday dawned with packing, driving, and food shopping for a party weekend in the Peak. We also stopped in for a cuppa with a mate in Sheffield and did a quick gear faff. As yet again wifey is struggling with fitting clothes having lost a lot of weight so a quick outdoor shop. Then quick pint and burger before getting back to the bunkhouse and having everyone arrive.

Sat convoy over to South Curbar car park then walkers did a 7-8mile loop to the north, whilst us climbers went south to baslow edge. Had an awesome day, some good bouldering and top rope stuff. Highlight of the day for me was an E2 6a which i did sans rest. Evening was a wicked party, keggage, food and prezzies.

yup that's me climbing
Sunday dawned a bit later and then again partial convoy to Baslow. Climbers to birchen and walkers went south to Chatsworth house, 9-10 miles in all. At the end of the day collect up the sleepy straggler from the bunkhouse (oops - but not me) and head home for bath, food and sleep.

Absolutely shattered.. Still band last night as contest this coming weekend. Gym tonight and possibly something wed as wifey is out for a meal with friends. Although sleep could still be needed by then!

Nevermind drinking pub beer, what about the keg?

images courtesy of chris/claire

Monday, 14 November 2011


Yup, me down t'gym, i know unheard of! I got showed around the downstairs stuff quite quickly, then upstairs for the resistance stuff. After all that, i went back round everything doing 3 sets of 10-8 increasing the weight. I didn't overdo it, which was a good thing. It felt pretty weird, especially with the grunty fella in front of the mirror lifting something stupidly heavy. However, i'm not trying to BE that, but want a bit more power in the legs for biking/running/hillwalking plus a bit more in the shoulders for swimming.
I then had a run planned for thurs lunch with a colleague, but he was working from home, so got a free pass to blast the short route (been meaning to set a time for it). It wasn't the best of runs as i could really feel the weights in my legs. But I still managed some PB's for 1k, 1mile, 3mile and 3k. 25 min run overall. Thursday night was then yoga, in which i was surrounded by 20+ women, oh it's a hard life. First session of this, it was good fun but harder work than i thought. Although probably not helped by the weights/run combo, Shattered!
Friday wifey had off so she went to the gym whilst i went to work, then I collapsed on return home for sleeep. Weekend installing a new radiator in bathroom (successful) if longer job than expected. Mostly due to having to use resin for the bolts (2hr dry time). Which meant no gym/run/walk/activity sunday as I was still at it. grrrrr.
Still 3 day week, which might be due to a big-ish birthday coming up. Yay homebrew time!
which'll hopefully look like this.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Our anniversary

was yesterday and I was actually prepared for once. Flowers delivered to work, evening meal booked and card ready on the mantlepiece. All went down a treat and brownie points galore,, possibly apart from being out the night before with work at a comedy club near embankment. Monday night with work? Ouch i was shattered by the time i got home, which made for a hard day at work tues. Not helped by a royally ducked up install the night before in Spain and another scheduled for tues night with the same engineer, but that's enough about work!
Was also climbing last wednesday (ow fingers have suffered), running thursday (5k - 32min, pacing for a colleague) and then drove over to Clyro friday night. The weekend was spent with Bro and family, which mostly consisted of 'uncle dave' being employed as entertainment for my 3 yr old niece. I'm not complaining as it was excellent fun going swimming, but wow, she's got a lot of energy. Probably helped by napping, so i joined in with that too!
Anyhoo, gym tonight for induction then I'll have to see how I feel about some weights as i've got to add some power to my legs since i struggle with that on the bike.. Having said that i've not been for a ride for months, but it's prep for tri season next year. Running tomorrow lunch and then Yoga with wifey in the evening, first session, should be fun and hopefully will help keep my back and muscles nicely in order.
I've also taken some advice and am eating more, more i hear you say? Yup to help with muscle growth, so....... cake anyone? Fraid no picture tho, cause it's all gone!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween and 5k run

but unfortunately not for me. Wifey has been doing a lot of training and over the past month i've been helping out with pacing and rhythm etc all with a grand plan of her doing a 5k run for charity. Well on sunday she ran round farmoor reservoir, oxford in a very respectable 34mins. A fantastic effort considering it was her first 5k event and she'd only done 40 mins on the wednesday. Something that was later blamed on darkness and being confident with covering the distance. Still awesome work for her and now just a matter of finding the next event, be it 5, 8 or 10k!
I wasn't allowed to enter, for fear of being shown up ;-) still I got to see the guy going past in sub 19 mins. Ouch! i might need to run a bit faster to keep up with that..
Saturday night was a more ghoulish affair a mixture of a fancy dress/30th birthday party in Reading. Good fun, some excellent costumes and a fair bit of beer for those not running the next day ;-)!

uuuurgh, tasty brains!

Climbing tonight, running tomorrow, swim (with niece in wales) at the weekend. I might try for a quick 400m or more if I can.