Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weekend at home

Well kinda.

Collapsed into good sleep on Friday night and then Saturday cracked on with chores in the garden, tip run and muchos laundry. Then had a blast over to Reading for BBQ and meeting my old climbing bud who’d flown back in from Sweden for the weekend. A good amount of fun and frolics were had by all. Wifey had taken the option to drive back home as we were making use of our abode. Sunday dawned a bit too early and plans had been made to meet back up for a ridgeway run. A loop I’d done before and considering I’ve not really been on top form, training lots, or doing distance it wasn’t too bad a show. May have to bump up training again tho!

After this it was a swap of the Swede and I brought him back for lunch at mine (and a quick watch of the womens road cycling finish!). Before heading into Wembley for the GB/UAE match. Some good stuff, some nailbiting and then a late return home. Have so far been a bit tired this week.. However, managed a quick swim last night, where I wasn’t coughing my lungs up for once! I’ll be off for a bit of Yoga tonight too… Run tomorrow, then offski for the weekend to meet up with Bro and family for a camping trip - wicked!

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