Monday, 13 August 2012

A busy weekend

But a productive one. Had Stefan staying over for the weekend with his mate Erik as they had tickets to the olympic footy final. Unfortunately I also needed to get on with some of the chores I’d been putting off as it was the first vaguely ‘free’ weekend for a while. So Saturday dawned with a further trip to the DIY shop required and then a second breakfast before getting on with patio repair and fence reconstruction. Some assistance from the guys was had before they scarpered for the safety of tube and football match. I continued on and got patio down and fence supports in before having to leave that to set. It didn’t mean the end of the chores (tip run/lawn mow) But thankfully was halted by dinner out with the lads back from footie.

Sunday was an even earlier start for a quick local 10k run, not my best time in 53 mins – I’m really noticing a lack of running in the legs. Followed by breakfast and several showers later for all of us. After this a quick drive to do a slightly less-local walk of 10k again with a pretty good view from Whiteleaf hill, before lunch out and then bidding farewell to the guys who needed to catch a flight. I then cracked on with finishing the fencing and pointing the patio repair. Still more to finish on that – but hopefully a bit of dry weather will ensue.

panorama from whiteleaf hill

Not bad for a ‘quiet’ weekend. Oh and Jury service this week – which so far has resulted in no requirement today so I’m back in work. Somewhat tireder than I’d like tho!

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