Monday, 20 August 2012


Blimey that was a hot one. Went trog-on reunion camping near the white horse on the ridgeway nr uffington. It was a good catch up with all old uni mates from the outdoor club. If anything it was a bit too hot.. We had a mini trog-olympics with 4 teams in 10 events. With a pause for oranges and lunch! Cracking good fun, just hot work. Further fun was had by a bike ride on the ridgeway with Ant. It was going quite well (apart from the really steep push up onto the actual path) until a flint hacked into his rear tyre*. It put a nice gash on the inner tube and meant change was in order. Unfortunately his spare was too big, so much faff proceeded whilst we tried to repair the original. Patching on a load of ribs, with a large gash just wasn’t happening, so we gave up and put the bigger tube in. Luckily it worked really well and meant we could carry on with the intended route.

Had a bit of a low energy surge about ¾ of the way round, but pressed on as BBQ was in (slow) motion. Both of us completely crashed after this, perhaps the combination of heat and exercise wasn’t a good idea? I just laid low in shade, drank lots and ate a bit too much, since BBQ followed shortly after this (created and cooked by wifey). However, about 2 hrs later picked up again, and became normal.

Sunday consisted of a lazy breakfast (with warmed up sausages – brilliant idea wifey!) and much chatting. However, it soon became too hot again so after de-pitching the tent we vamoosed to air conned car and home for washing, snoozing and an ice cream in the park.

Much fun, thanks to trogs, sprogs and Em for organising!

*please note, there were NO punctures on my bike!

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