Friday, 27 July 2012

Just a quick blast

Considering yesterdays failure to bring running gear to work I had a bit of energy in the evening. Since the recent weather is about to break I thought I’d take advantage of dusty dry trails and go for a cheeky MTB ride. I only had an hour as someone at home was otherwise going to bite their own arm off in hunger. I’d been thinking of a local loop for a while, so went out to trial the trails. Hmm, I think some changes may be required. Possibly due to the recent rain there was a LOT of undergrowth on the paths plus a lot of stiles and gates to contend with. Then when getting under trees it turned muddy and because there’s a lot of stables round us it was a gloop fest. On a few occasions I went in a bit too fast and almost went flying! However, it was a quick loop done in 1:05, 9miles so not too bad. I can probably bring that down with a bit less map consulting.

After a quick shower to wash the mud off we then went for our fav thai and a bit of a natter before falling into bed knackered. Possible run today (have gear and it’s not 30deg+!) then we’ll see about swimming with wifey tonight. A rare weekend at home (ish).. yay!

a not so shiny bike

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