Tuesday, 7 August 2012

One year on

Shucks, I meant to post something on the 3rd (being exactly 1 yr on blog birthday n'all), but i'm sure this'll do..

What a year… I can say with 100% certainty, that it’s one of the most active I’ve had. Having done 2 triathlons, 2 x 10k’s a 5mile, 2 mini-MM’s and one full MM and those are just the organized events. If you’d have said about doing these before I probably would have laughed!

One thing that is apparent looking at stats is that I do a fair amount of different things! However, cycling which was big last year (tri training) has dropped off. Swimming, which likewise was a feature last year (tri’s again) has dropped off, but is still done now and again. Weight training can sometimes be that or climbing (and a large chunk this year was in font). Kayaking has featured a bit this year – but quite a lot down to the week trip down the wye. Hiking has already matched what I did last year distance wise, with a lot more planned.

doubled distance in running this yr
 Running, well as you’d expect with MM training and the several races (and support of wifey) that I’ve done, has exploded this year. I’ve still not topped the 135k odd that I covered in March. That may stand as my all time high!

chunk from running and climbing/font
What’s expected in the future? Who knows…

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