Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Weekday fun,

I don’t often get chance to write up a week anymore. But needless to say I generally get up to some fun. Most weeks there’s a 1:30 yoga session. Which is good for stretching out the hamstrings and working on the core. It’s also a good way of chilling out as it’s very slow, flowing and breathing focused. I would blame the wife for taking me to this, but after 10 or so months I think I can say I’d go by myself now. Plus it helps for the band practice that I get to most weeks, they’re prepping for the annual trip to Bensheim (twinned with Amersham). Shortly after that there’s the National Brass Band Finals over in Cheltenham which we’re off too (finishing first in our section at the areas). Since we’re being promoted to 3rd section I’d say we’re hoping for great things. Then there’s normally a Thursday run at lunctime and a gym or swim session if we both have the time.. Plus then a weekend of frivolities.

However, this week has seen a minor shift.. Since I had to drop wifey off at the tube I was at work early today. Because I’d had some forethought I’d packed my running kit… there was only one thing for it, a quick blast was required. Well it wasn’t quick-quick, but it was good nonetheless. Plus since I’ve got lunch free I’d say a second one should be required! Ahhh I love it when a plan comes together ;-)

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