Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend at home

Saturday was a bit light on value entertainment from a madness perspective, but a useful chore day all the same. However, it did provide the lie-in that i'd been dreaming about all week and then a bit of a lazing in front of the tv. After that, a pootle into town for a much needed haircut and dinner bits. Back to do a tip clear out and tidy up the house. Evening was out to the cinema again. Sherlock Holmes, 4/5 definitely worth the trip out, but it did turn into a bit of a late night which meant my sunday wake up was delayed also.
However, it didn't stop a mamooth run session. I'd planned out a x-country route a while back and hadn't had chance to run it. It basically switch backed across the same ridge of chiltern hill on footpaths with a bit of road at either side to get to the next path. The only trouble was the 3 mile road-run to get there! This wasn't ideal, but it's a quiet stretch with lots of other runners too. I ended up cutting down the route i'd planned, and it was a good job too as it was still 12.5miles in 2hr7. It was a bit slower than the MMM a week back, which i blame on the lack of 'competition' and company. However, it was definitely worthwhile and one i'll try to repeat. Hopefully my knee will also feel a bit happier the next time i'm running. It was decidedly sore and then stiffened up after!
Buuuut i think i've got to think about a v.small running bag. As i suffered majorly without water and some sort of food. Got back chilled to the bone and took an age to chew a chocy, then swallow a banana, glass of water, glucose gel, tea and shower. I had totally bonked and gone through the other side... something not to be repeated.
After all that, ended up going to our local deli/brunch place for well needed sustenance, followed by cake! Then dropped of wifey at the gym whilst I did a food shop and then went back to collect her. Operation weekend at home completed!

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