Monday, 23 January 2012

Climbing at last..

Ok so it was only indoors, but still that's been a while coming too! Wifey was working away in Manchester (poor her!). So i managed a crafty meet up session with my mate Chris at the westway. It wasn't the best training session i've ever had. But it was pretty good fun nonetheless. Bit of leading, bit of bouldering and a bit of a catch up. Boy did my fingers ache.. i've lost the climbers calluses.
Thursday dawned with some bad news at work (redundancies) including 2 in our team. Luckily one guy had left the week before to go back north, so they only needed to find one. However, it was a bit of a shock announcement, more so that they intended to let that person know friday! Queue 24 hrs of fretting. I still managed a run at lunch (trying to clear head, 3.8m/28 min), along with yoga in the evening - again failing to clear my head.
Luckily i'm still employed, but i'd rather avoid that in future. The guy they did choose was out of the door on friday... talk about out of the blue! Still we've been relatively lucky in that regard considering the pain that i know other people have been experiencing.
Over the weekend it was a trip up to Norfolk to help out with some cleaning. We were arms and energy in having a small spring clean at the in-laws. There's still more to do, but the bedrooms and bathrooms are now blitzed for a while. Wifey and I still managed a run sunday (prep for a possible 10k) plus helping to cook the roast.
Mind you there's a bit to do when i've a weekend at home.. a few of our fence panels gave up in the recent strong wind. So looks like a bit of remedial action's needed!

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