Monday, 30 January 2012

January's almost over

gone quick hasn't it? Been a busy activity and work month, but a fun one nonetheless. In the past week - two runs and a yoga class. Normal work one thursday 3.8miles in 28 mins, then yoga in the evening (bit of a cold session). Then a nice gentle 5mile/1hr run with wifey* sat after seeing our new nephew and 3 yr old niece. Was good to catch up, play, eat and be happy. Also, as that's now two 8km runs in 8 days for wifey we've entered a 10k run in 8 weeks in marlow. Although it was decided that some new shoes are possibly in order for her, as gloopy, slippy mud can be hard work without the proper kit.
In other news, i'm quite chuffed with a mega mileage month for me, just over 55! Compared to the next highest (back in sept) of 33, i'd say that was a decent jump up. I would have done another at lunch today and even had the kit bag ready, but am just too tired so will be reading my book instead (feet in the clouds)! I'll be trying for the same mileage during feb, with a couple of long runs for me, but also some with wifey and another MMM to be doing. I cannie wait!
Still super impressed with Wifey, so far this week she's done yoga, a 40min session in gym (3k run + other stuff), 5mile run with me sat and will be flexible strength-ing tomorrow and gym wed..
*i doubt she saw it that way

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