Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Not even

two weeks have passed.. and wow it feels like a lots happened. Lots of food, family, friends and good times.
I managed to increase the running mileage to 24.38miles (3hr47 total) for the month, quite a way under the 33miles I managed back in sept, but still a good month for me. With a 5.5k boxing day jaunt and a 8k the day after. I was up in Norfolk with the inlaws at xmas and all was well received, brilliantly relaxing.
After that there was a very quick stop at home for a few days to collect cats, make costumes, get incredibly drunk at a pub quiz with our neighbour then drive down to st ives.
Once there it was a short walk on the beach, fly a kite and then proceed to get dressed up as thundercats and hit the town. Thankfully we weren't the only ones in fancy dress (it's a bit of a tradition in cornwall) but i'm pretty sure, by the comments of pretty much everyone who saw us - was that we were dammed good! It was an epic night, by anyones imaginations, and we were toast by the end of it. However, it's going down as probably one of the best new years nights out I've had in a long ole time.
It's back at work today.. but the peak mountain event this weekend. I can't wait for that either. I'm not sure the past weeks alcoholism has helped training, but a quick detox and gym/run/yoga this week should do the trick.
bring it on!

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