Thursday, 12 January 2012

Peak MMM

mini-mountain marathon. Sounds like fun huh? Well oddly it was!? Who wouldn't like 3 hrs of running round in the sunshine and mud looking for 'controls'? Considering it was my first time at this sort of thing, we didn't completely shame ourselves. Getting 205pts, placing 125 out of 182 am reasonably happy.
Dan and I went up a day early and had a gentle walk round the east of ladybower resevoir in the (very) strong wind. Then chilled out at the campsite, went to the cinema (MI-ghost protocol not the best: 3/5) ate and slept... hmm toasty warm new down sleeping bag! Sunday we were up early and out running by 8.30. We missed a few early on, thinking we'd be pushing to do them, in the end got back way too early, so had to go back out for more!
Ho hum, lots to learn for next time. Still back home early to wash me (and kit) then completely zone on the sofa..
I was going to post a photo with this, but haven't had time to do anything with them as yet.. so you'll just have to imagine the sweaty, knackered, muddy bu grinning manically state I was in!

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