Tuesday, 24 January 2012

French & Saunders

For those not in the know - Saunders:
I think when i fell and broke my back i must have lost a few brain cells (some might say were there any left).. After doing one MINI-mountain marathon*, I (yes ME**) suggested to a mate Don that i'd quite like to do this. This being a 2 day carry everything you need event and Don having only just sent out a mail saying he'd like some adventures in 2012. A man who'd also only just mentioned he'd like to do the Bob Graham round. http://www.bobgrahamclub.co.uk/bobgrahamround.co.uk/
Clearly not a man in a place where saying no or are you sure are probably at the forefront of his mind. Therefore can you be surprised when he jumped at the man who was clearly as mad as he***!
When i think back one year I was still struggling with serious back pain after trying to do some exercise, let alone running more than once a week, or going to the gym, or doing yoga.. I mean i know I was aiming for fitness, but this is something else. Until last year i'd never really done 'organized' events preferring to be out on the hill in secluded areas with a climbing bud and that's about it. Still it's bloody good fun doing all this and after all.......
how hard can it be? Expect more training.. of which this yest wasn't too bad http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/k2CcCudgAIo
oh and as for the French, working for orange does have it's benefits. Including 'free' French lessons (most tuesday lunches).
* notice the emphasis here
** and again
*** some might say a LOT madder

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