Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekend write up

Wifey was feeling distinctly tired and didn't fancy the gym. Since i'd come home and didn't fancy driving back out, as there was a xmas fest in the town centre so traffic was bad, I decided on a run instead. Time was a bit tighter that i'd have ideally wanted so only a relatively quick blast for ~8k/40mins. Better than i'd normally get at work, but still not the 10k+ i'd really wanted.
Saturday we both had a lie-in as we were feeling shattered from a busy week. We then pootled over to collect rings (one happy wifey) and on the way back had a small diversion to Welwyn for a spot of xmas shopping and other essentials for us - mostly clothing! Once back at home we felt shattered again so didn't get the gym in the end.
However, wifey managed an early morning session sunday before going into london to meet with a friend. Whilst I was collecting a cornet player and driving to Loughborough for the brass contest. We played pretty ok, but were a man down on the basses (not yet clear why). Nerves seemed to be ok as a whole throughout the band and i thought we'd played pretty well, but our position of 7th seemed somewhat low. Anyway it's all good experience for the areas in March. Back home and chill out till picking up wifey from train after a good session in london!
This week more of the same, rehearsal, gym, run, yoga.. but come friday we're off to the lakes for a quick get-away hill bashing! Oh and definitely some trail shoes to be bought. They need bedding in and i need the practice!


  1. If I'd known you were looking to start trail running I would have emailed over the 1/2 price offer for the Solomon trail range that I had for last month...

  2. d'oh! naermind, will have a looky in keswick and see what i can get.