Friday, 25 November 2011

and streeetch

Yoga last night, once again the only bloke in the room, not that this is necesarrily a bad thing ;-).
Different instructor this time who was much quicker in giving instructions and getting you to do the movements. Also some very interesting twist and stretch exercises. There were also some more planky type things, downward dogs, eagles and as I call them 'chameleon' moves (opposite arm/legs) all good for the core.
It did feel a bit rushed through the session, but equally good for a change.
Run on wednesday was ok, again bit of a breeze for me, but was tasking the guy at work. Took it relatively easy on the way out and then ramped it up for the way back. He asked me to run out front and keep the pace up. Probably looked a bit weird, but if it's helping him why not? Just over 3.4 miles in 31:30.
Depending on wifey may/may not go to gym tonight. Would really like to, but if not will go tomorrow morning instead. Then after we're off to collect rings as they've been made up. Wifey is definately excited by that! Sunday i've then got an early start to Loughborough for this brass band contest, if there's time tonight/tomorrow i'll get some practice in but i think we're pretty square on this as a band.
In other random news..... I've signed up with a mate to do the peak dark & white mini-mountain marathons. One in Jan and Feb (we both couldn't do the nov one this weekend). Considering i've not really done many events these'll now be 3/4 and i'm thinking about the reading half in april too. I reckon these'll be fun, they're only 3 hrs but i think the time of year could add a certain factor. But will also mean for a spot of something else on the sat whilst we're up there.. yay!
expect brass competition write up next week, and some long distance runs to be squeezed in!

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