Monday, 14 November 2011


Yup, me down t'gym, i know unheard of! I got showed around the downstairs stuff quite quickly, then upstairs for the resistance stuff. After all that, i went back round everything doing 3 sets of 10-8 increasing the weight. I didn't overdo it, which was a good thing. It felt pretty weird, especially with the grunty fella in front of the mirror lifting something stupidly heavy. However, i'm not trying to BE that, but want a bit more power in the legs for biking/running/hillwalking plus a bit more in the shoulders for swimming.
I then had a run planned for thurs lunch with a colleague, but he was working from home, so got a free pass to blast the short route (been meaning to set a time for it). It wasn't the best of runs as i could really feel the weights in my legs. But I still managed some PB's for 1k, 1mile, 3mile and 3k. 25 min run overall. Thursday night was then yoga, in which i was surrounded by 20+ women, oh it's a hard life. First session of this, it was good fun but harder work than i thought. Although probably not helped by the weights/run combo, Shattered!
Friday wifey had off so she went to the gym whilst i went to work, then I collapsed on return home for sleeep. Weekend installing a new radiator in bathroom (successful) if longer job than expected. Mostly due to having to use resin for the bolts (2hr dry time). Which meant no gym/run/walk/activity sunday as I was still at it. grrrrr.
Still 3 day week, which might be due to a big-ish birthday coming up. Yay homebrew time!
which'll hopefully look like this.

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