Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Birthday buzyness

Blimey a lot seems to have happened in the intervening week.


Tuesday night gym, just a short session as i went with wifey, who'd been sunday and swim mon. So didn't do too much, but again went round the resistance stuff and did reps.

Wednesday booooring work. All morning meeting and lots to do. Then a spectacular meal out in the eve with wifey and parentals.. Oh and did i mention it was my 30th? I think the maitre got it right with a '79 congac opened especially as it was the closest to my age... lovely!

Thursday the in-laws popped round and i think I was still super tired from a late night so after they left had a quick nap before going out to yoga. Which was excellent as it was quite a lot of leg stretches etc and mine were already super tight!

Friday dawned with packing, driving, and food shopping for a party weekend in the Peak. We also stopped in for a cuppa with a mate in Sheffield and did a quick gear faff. As yet again wifey is struggling with fitting clothes having lost a lot of weight so a quick outdoor shop. Then quick pint and burger before getting back to the bunkhouse and having everyone arrive.

Sat convoy over to South Curbar car park then walkers did a 7-8mile loop to the north, whilst us climbers went south to baslow edge. Had an awesome day, some good bouldering and top rope stuff. Highlight of the day for me was an E2 6a which i did sans rest. Evening was a wicked party, keggage, food and prezzies.

yup that's me climbing
Sunday dawned a bit later and then again partial convoy to Baslow. Climbers to birchen and walkers went south to Chatsworth house, 9-10 miles in all. At the end of the day collect up the sleepy straggler from the bunkhouse (oops - but not me) and head home for bath, food and sleep.

Absolutely shattered.. Still band last night as contest this coming weekend. Gym tonight and possibly something wed as wifey is out for a meal with friends. Although sleep could still be needed by then!

Nevermind drinking pub beer, what about the keg?

images courtesy of chris/claire

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  1. Wrote this yesterday, so I was at the gym last night. Did 1hr+ warm up and down, with reps on the various machines inbetween. Oddly legs are ok today, but will be off for a run in a bit so we'll have to see!