Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween and 5k run

but unfortunately not for me. Wifey has been doing a lot of training and over the past month i've been helping out with pacing and rhythm etc all with a grand plan of her doing a 5k run for charity. Well on sunday she ran round farmoor reservoir, oxford in a very respectable 34mins. A fantastic effort considering it was her first 5k event and she'd only done 40 mins on the wednesday. Something that was later blamed on darkness and being confident with covering the distance. Still awesome work for her and now just a matter of finding the next event, be it 5, 8 or 10k!
I wasn't allowed to enter, for fear of being shown up ;-) still I got to see the guy going past in sub 19 mins. Ouch! i might need to run a bit faster to keep up with that..
Saturday night was a more ghoulish affair a mixture of a fancy dress/30th birthday party in Reading. Good fun, some excellent costumes and a fair bit of beer for those not running the next day ;-)!

uuuurgh, tasty brains!

Climbing tonight, running tomorrow, swim (with niece in wales) at the weekend. I might try for a quick 400m or more if I can.

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