Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Our anniversary

was yesterday and I was actually prepared for once. Flowers delivered to work, evening meal booked and card ready on the mantlepiece. All went down a treat and brownie points galore,, possibly apart from being out the night before with work at a comedy club near embankment. Monday night with work? Ouch i was shattered by the time i got home, which made for a hard day at work tues. Not helped by a royally ducked up install the night before in Spain and another scheduled for tues night with the same engineer, but that's enough about work!
Was also climbing last wednesday (ow fingers have suffered), running thursday (5k - 32min, pacing for a colleague) and then drove over to Clyro friday night. The weekend was spent with Bro and family, which mostly consisted of 'uncle dave' being employed as entertainment for my 3 yr old niece. I'm not complaining as it was excellent fun going swimming, but wow, she's got a lot of energy. Probably helped by napping, so i joined in with that too!
Anyhoo, gym tonight for induction then I'll have to see how I feel about some weights as i've got to add some power to my legs since i struggle with that on the bike.. Having said that i've not been for a ride for months, but it's prep for tri season next year. Running tomorrow lunch and then Yoga with wifey in the evening, first session, should be fun and hopefully will help keep my back and muscles nicely in order.
I've also taken some advice and am eating more, more i hear you say? Yup to help with muscle growth, so....... cake anyone? Fraid no picture tho, cause it's all gone!

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