Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Where's Jan gone?

Almost the end of the month and it feels like the blink of an eye. Life is moving quickly at the moment and i'm struggling to keep up.

2 weekends ago was a NCT course on the Saturday followed by odds n sods in town. Sunday morning a run, but nothing spectacular (4.25m/38min) the weather was chilly, but a good morning sunrise helped to warm the limbs. I can't remember much of note from the rest of the day..

Monday band, beginning the long process of getting the area test piece up to scratch. Tuesday a swim after having a rootle through the lost goggles i had to borrow a pair... Wednesday boxing and packing up various bits in the living room ready for 'decorate part deux' annnnd Weekend before you know it.

Theatre trip to see Top Hat, which was great fun. Also bizarrely a friend of the family was playing guitar in the pit, wish i'd have known i'd have said hello. The trombones stood out for me, some really good parts.

Sunday, monday were decorating days. I'd have gone for runs on both, but after a hellish commute home on the friday  (3:30 including a 30 min walk in inappropriate gear) i picked up a coldy thing so didn't feel up for it. Normally running in the snow, breaking trail is great, great, fun!

More decorating updates to follow.. joy!

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