Monday, 7 January 2013

Birthday Boy

No not me, my Nephew was 1 at the weekend! So for a difference we were over in south wales having much cake and (loud) fun opening lots of present and playing with toys. It was a brilliant weekend playing with my niece and nephew plus seeing the family.

However, i also felt i needed to be getting my running shoes back on and in a pique of madness set an alarm for 7:15 on the sunday. Failing to realise that i was in unfamiliar territory and it was very dark outside.. Luckily i had a bright headtorch in the car so headed out.

I proceeded to find a bramble patch veering off course, then struggled to find the proper path. Got lost in a very dark forest, found another path. Missed a turning, got chased by some sheep. Missed another path and had to backtrack. Veered off-course again into a logging operation which was VERY muddy and impossible to run through. Then finally got to habitation only to be slightly lost. Luckily I headed the right way and then recognised a farm name (marked on the map) and found the same path back home. Which then meant heading down a muddy steep path (aka a slide fest) before collapsing back at the front door an hour later. I'd covered a barely 4 mile 'run'.

Still I had a cracking view of the sunrise over Hay Bluff and apart from the scratches and blood had a pretty good time. I'm not sure anyone else would have if they'd have been with me....


  1. Ha ha! Bet a load of mud was just what you needed after new year! ;-)

  2. indeed - this was a whole new level of mud tho, made new year look like dry trails!