Monday, 29 April 2013


Well probably not, but the past week did see a two run thursday 3.4miles 26:23 and 3.26miles 25:30. Not too bad after those two and it was a glorious day for running, if a little warm.

Sat we had some friends round in the arvo, which was good for a catch up and a natter. Chores n'boring stuff in the morning.

Sunday also managed to get out for an extended loop of the Herbets hole run. This has a couple of sharp ups to contend with although the 'herberts' part of the run is a bit straight and flat. Did this whilst leaving my two girls dozing on the sofa with the hunt for red october on telly.

Extended herberts loop

I did have a bit of forethough and prepped for a steak meal.. It involves marinading a flat iron steak in red wine, garlic, herbs, olive oil and salt for 2hrs+. It comes out super tasty, coupled with some early asparagus and sautéed potatoes... YUM! Perfect grub for after the run really! Well that and the cocolate brownie pud with cream.


As i said some version of normality may be resuming. I do like my run and cake...

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