Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Newborn arrival

Sorry have been woefully lax at posting updates.. However, i do have a reason for the lack of bloggage

Our first born arrived Friday 29th March! Amelia was 7lb10oz when she came out then went on a bit of a diet, but is putting the pounds on again. Mum is getting back to strength and i'm now back at work and missing being at home with them both.

The cats are only mildly interested and most of the time just veg out (as they normally do)

In other news.. I have done a couple of work runs and a couple outside of work too. Nothing spectacular, but it's gotta be done to make sure that i'm vaguely towards fit. Since it's only 10+ weeks to the SLMM, eek!

However, it does seem that there's a group of participants that i know this year, with a swedish contingent... So should be a good saturday night, so long as we can all stay awake for a bit of a natter!

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