Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wye canoe trip - part 2

the continuation
Day 4 Holme Lacy - Hoarwithy

Because of the food shop that was at the campsite we were able to get some further supplies (i suppose it's not all bad). So it was a hearty breakfast of bacon and then egg sandwiches! Fully fuelled we loaded up and headed on out again. Lunch was therefore some lovely cheese sarnies!

hmm tea and bacon!

It was the shorted day of the trip so far, but again played in our favor as when we got to the campsite we had a brief window of opportunity to set up camp and unload in the dry before a massive thunderstorm came over. The facilities at Tresseck are BASIC, just a series of portaloos and some water taps. But yet again, it was a cheap campsite (just £11 for us both) and allowed fires (wood £5 a bag), parking was available at £2 a day and launch was £1.50. It was nice flat, soft grass,,, all in all pretty good.

Tresseck camp site - thunderstorm passed!
 Unfortunately my stove was playing up at this point, so although we had hot chocolate and some noodles for dinner, it was a bit sparse. As the temparature plummeted we treated ourselves to a dessert and pint in the local some 200+yrds away... It was a great idea, as it was a very plush gastro-pub. The food looked gorgeous and the desserts were great ;-)!

Even more annoying was i started to get a cold at this point, but manfully i persevered..... urggggh!

Day 5 Hoarwithy - Ross on Wye

Waking up, I managed to coax the stove into action and had beans and sausages plus bread for brekky. It was a glorious morning so we again loaded up and got going. By this point it was getting a bit easier to remember what went where and so it was getting a bit quicker!


During this stretch there was a LOOONG bit of no-landing private land/fishing. It was just at the worst time - LUNCH! However, we finally managed to find a landing spot just after a bridge (dis) near Backney. It was a nice spot, and wandering up the bank we could see the spire of Ross in the distance. Jumping back in it soon came into sight and paddling through the town we noticed the new public launch and then just after the bridge (taking the right hand arch) pulled into the pub, err camping ;-).

Ross coming into view

They seemed a bit unfriendly at first, but I understand they have restrictions from the council about the camping they offer. Anyway we kept a tidy camp and pulled the canoe out of the way. We then had a walk into town and bought some bits and stopped in for a bit of tea and cake.. then a pint of beer on the walk back, all enjoyed! Dinner was at the pub and was much appreciated along with the butty bach ale! It was definitely wise to pre-book as it's limited space, but at £12 it was quite cheap, although showers were £1 for 3 mins!

Ross on Wye riverside camping

The White Lion, Ross

Day 6 Ross on wye - Symonds Yat

The Final Day!! To help us along our way and probably to help ensure continued martial harmony (i can be quite grumpy when hungry) my brother joined us for the last day. He's came prepared with his own canoe so after a bit of faff (he went and bought us sarnies/parked his car) we were off!

Bro and Goodrich Castle
Luckily on this day it was again dry, if a little on the cool side. A cuppa tea, and a few breaks later to stretch legs (and feet) and lo we were in Symonds yat! It's a leg we've done before as a day trip so it wasn't anything new. However, it was fab to do it as the finale of such a long trip and even better to have my brother come out and join us. We then sipped a beer by the river and then i took him and his canoe back to his car.

the brotherly duo

We camped overnight at the Symonds yat east campsite here had dinner at the Saracens head (lovely grub) plus a few more butty bach's! Camping's not cheap at £10pppn. Also we'd left the car here to minimize faff - which was £10 per day. I'd almost recommend the Hoarwithy for this in future, as at £2 it's a lot cheaper, but then there's more of an issue collecting it near the end!
fully loaded and ready to trip home
All in all, fab week canoeing!

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