Monday, 30 April 2012

Updates & stats Apr

Have been a bit lax of late keeping on top of the weekends activities*, but i'll catch up at some point. I'm feeling slightly storm ravaged in more ways than one, but that could just be a non-chipper Dave moment. Which hopefully will pass.

Anyhoo, i shall post that i managed 110 miles in Apr (ok, ok, so not all of these were running)

Canoeing 77.40
Running 17.43 - this is a woefully low total, but i've had a stonking cold.
Walking 13.98

Kcals is 12912, which is new monthly total by some margin. Plus i've almost matched my 2011 kcal total (41622) and it's only the end of April? Yikes i've upped the training somewhat..

Normal service will resume shortly.

*the canoeing exped write up took longer than expected.

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