Monday, 23 April 2012

Wye canoe trip - part 1

It's taking a while to write this, so it's a two parter:

Day 1 glasbury - whitney

Wet, wet, wet. We got dropped and waved off by my bro and niece (who desperately wanted to come with us) after quite a lot of faffage getting everything sorted and squared away we were off. Unfortunately it was pouring rain, but we got on with it and luckily found that this day was actually quite short.. We only stopped for a quick pasty (a bit too late in the day as we were getting cold). Then once we'd arrived at the pub/campsite had a major kerfuffle getting everything from the boat to the campsite and setting up tent, into dry clothes and finally getting a cup of tea.

The campsite itself was pristine. The shower block looked new (not-open 11-4 for 'cleaning') and the grass was lovingly mowed. However, it was smack bang next to the road and even tho we'd booked ahead the lady didn't seem to realize we were coming so didn't open the block for some time. However, it was ok at £7 a head.

Pub less than 50 yrds away (the boat inn), had a few locals when we went in, but these filtered home quite quickly (bank holiday monday remember) so it was just one die-hard local and us in the pub. We had a lovely dinner, monstrous pile of chips and a couple of games of pool before retiring to the tent for some sleep.

Not the most auspicious of starts but we were off!

Day 2 Whitney - Byecross

Porridge for brekky and then another major fuffle to get going. Luckily it was dry-ish in the morning so we got down to the river.. and found it had risen by about 2 ft overnight! It was a whole lot muddier than the day before. Let loading commence... We cracked on and paddled downstream with a bit of cloud brewing, but some sunny spells.

the lunch stop

Lunch was a lovely affair in a cheeky pull over-spot and brewed up for a cup-a-soup which really helped to warm the core! Back in and passed by the Broadbury Scar, before the long stretch to Byecross farm. About 400yrds up-river there was a very nice looking house, landing and a sign saying 'no landing - campsite 1/2mile' oops, clearly a few peeps have made that mistake before!
Byecross farm, orchard campsite
It had a muddy bank landing with then some wrought iron steps to get up to the campsite itself. Camping here was £5.50 pp with wood for sale for £3 a bag (we'd taken our own). We had a very quick put-up as there was a shower brewing,, but luckily it was only a short downpour. We were then able to enjoy the orchard, campfire and view of the sunset (and arriving DofE'ers). We then walked the mile into Preston on Wye for a lovely pint and luckily the barman was able to rustle up something for dinner (as the chef was off!), very tasty it was too. We got chatting to the assessor of the DofE group and he gave us a lift back to the campsite.. This place had a much nicer feel, and although the facilities were basic, they also looked new and were being cleaned by the lady when we got there.

campsite steps

Day 3 Byecross - Holme Lacy

From Byecross we came to monnington Falls straight away and had a bit of a wiggle getting down these, but were then off on to what turned out to be the longest day at 20 miles. We had a nice stop just after the weir and again brewed up enjoying the sunshine luckily as someone had dunked a foot in the river ;-).

wet foot competition!

After this it was the long slog into and through Hereford (going past sewage plant - yuck!) and out to the other side. Unfortunately i miss-judged at this point and thought we were closer than we were (so got spirits up a little early) but we paddled on and eventually came to Holme Lacy. It's very much a 'caravan' site, pristine lawns, well marked pitches and shop/cafe on site. All of which was nice, but the price reflected it £18 for the one night and somehow it had no 'soul' as a campsite. Anyway Grace was feeling somewhat shattered at this point but we plodded the 30 mins over to The moon Inn @ Mordiford and had some lovely food, before mooching back to the tent to crash out.

at least a picnic bench..


  1. Very well written Dave-a useful start for others planning to do this route.

  2. Cheers thought i'd do it a bit like that..