Friday, 23 September 2011

Not much to report..

The fire's now in use, seems it was in dire need of being swept said the sweep. I had a fairly below par run with a colleague who's getting back into it after 7months of non-running. It was a good improvement for him (no walking involved and 1 min faster for the distance), but I oddly felt like going out again, just not enough time in a lunchbreak. In the evening it was a pubbage trip to to meet up with friends for drinks, collect loaned climbing gear and talk about various adventures we'd all been having.
This morning was dentistry, no fillings for both of us just a check-up and clean but there's always that dreaded moment when they're umming and aahing whilst poking around. Also luckily the weather is very good, and looks good for the weekend so guttering folks cracked on mega early today and hopefully will have made some serious progress. They still need to make a return trip to finish off but hopefully it'll get sorted soon-ish.
Beetroot soup made tuesday and some frozen. Beetroot and chocolate cake made wednesday (wasn't allowed to make more soup). Beetroot and chocolate cake demolished thursday...... I did take it to work yet still managed to eat quite a lot of it myself.
Tonight it's a quick blat up to norfolk to see the in-laws as i didn't remember another birthday was this weekend. So i think more beetroot cake will be required! Hopefully will get a run of some distance tho, and since it's all flat up there it should be quite good!
have a good 'un

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