Monday, 19 September 2011

Chiltern hills

So finally a weekend at home, and boy was it needed. Friday we enjoyed a pub dinner out (a rare treat at home) with plans discussed for the weekend. Saturday woke lateish, began by watching the rugby, but soon progressed to awake and pottering. After ablutions we packed a small bag and drove out to low scrubs, nr Chequers for a relatively quick walk through the forests and up to the lofty heights of the Chilterns (257m), 7.5miles in 1hr 40. Really nice walk with acorns crunching underfoot, but we didn't get to see the Camerons. Back home and a monumental food shop on empty stomachs, which gave a late lunch ravenous status.
The afternoon was spent doing a few things in the garden (yet more damsons to pick up, we're jammed out and ginning up!) but mostly relaxing. Sunday was house clean and tidy up, the normal things for being at home. Grace is at home today for the chimney sweep to visit, which'll mean the fire can finally get into use, it's getting nippy at night. At the end of the week, weather permitting, the guttering folks are coming round as a job that's been put off far too long can get sorted. Which'll be one less thing to worry about, but does mean yet more money out.. Sometimes living in a cave would seem so much easier.

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