Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lakeland rain

So in the intervening weeks I've been a bit busy.

After the Bank hol I had a manic 3 days at work, with three busy evenings, unpacking, washing, repacking and also a band rehearsal. Why you ask? Well cause on friday we went to the lakes with my MIL to stay in a nice cottage in Eskdale Green. It was a horrible drive, 8 hours in the end (yikes!) but we arrived and chilled out in a wicked little cottage. However, it was a very good job we'd taken food with us, as although the local store had some basics, there wasn't a lot about!

Over the course of the week, we were blasted by strong winds, rain, thunderstorms and the very occasional day of sunshine. However, much scrabble was played (i'm still not sure of the overall winner ;-) ), good food eaten and tea drunk, plus possibly some beer. On one of the good days Grace and I managed a good walk up Harter Fell from Dalegarth, although the paths were slightly wet*, but it had an excellent view from the top and it was a not so hard day out.

Yup, that's the path

The other, which started off rainy, was on Muncaster Fell. This was a very gentle amble from Irton road station back down the line to Muncaster station on mud fest, but it was another good walk with Grace and an excellent way to finish, by catching the train back to the car.

The 'River Irt' one of the many trains on the railway.

All in all, a very relaxing week, but somehow i'm yet again tired for work. Still French today, then possible a run and a swim tomorrow, I'm sure that'll help..

*some rivers don't run as deep as this.

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