Friday, 19 August 2011

Tri training

Of the non-existent variety..
So as mentioned before, i rather sensibly (i thought) entered a triathlon for this sunday, just before i left on the mammoth alps adventure. I only recently competed in my first just over a month ago, for which I trained fairly comprehensively.  But in the intervening weeks i've done a grand total of 1 run. Ok so i've done a lot of CV work, with a trip to the alps, north wales and canoeing.. but 1 run??? eeek! So tonight Grace has convinced me to join her for a swim to see if I can remember how to float..
Mind you lets not mention the blisters that are just about healing, the legs that still feel wired from last weeks pounding and the massive sleep i intend to get tonight to catch up.
Expect a tri write up come next week. that's if I finish. Still at least it's only a sprint distance (400m swim, 24km bike, 5km run). How hard can it be?

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