Monday, 22 August 2011

Carterton Triathlon 2011

Well that was yesterday and i'm sure feeling it today. Legs are even more wired, sleep is mostly caught up and food intake took a huuge boost yesterday.

I was feeling distinctly underprepared over the weekend, but was very glad for a swim friday. Not least because my goggles decided to break and first replacements bought were too small. However, the guy at the front desk swapped them for a more expensive pair (wider nose) free. Awesome! So I got back in the pool and blatted out a pair of 400m blocks to see if my entry time was right. Luckily I didn't seem to have lost the ability to float..

Having competed in my first tri only a month ago (Thame) I was feeling a bit more relaxed and i think because of minimal prep chilled out. Not that it stopped the nerves Sat night. However, the briefing, pre-race wait and poolside warm up were done with minimal fuss and oddly calm. In fact in no time at all I was in the pool then 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 GO! The swim was much better than before, I upped my pace this time and the improvement felt much better and certainly showed in the time recorded.

Out to T1 and the bike ride.. This again felt better but i still don't seem to be that fast. I'm overtaking some people, but more are overtaking me. OK it's the guys on full carbon, with aero wheels and bars (well ok amongst others) but it still feels like I'm standing still when they go by. Anyway the 2 lap route is good, meaning you see more of the competitors. However, dunce that I am, on the final leg to the sports centre, I take a wrong turn. Oops, anyway it's a quick turnabout and re-overtake the lady i'd just gone past, so not too much time lost.

T2 done quick and then the run. Yet again stitches for this, which force 3 walks, but i still plod on and eventually overtake some peeps (but waaay more have gone past me). Finally the last km up the pace and finish. Wooot!

Results i'll post up later as they're not yet officially available and i couldn't get a print out.
Of the more important note, is support team Grace. Food at venue, awesome driving home, food intake when we get there, nappage and then 3/4 of a rhubarb crumble plus custard (two very full bowls). On top of copious amounts of fruit and veg with dinner.
That and the packed lunch i've got for today. hmmmm, food!

Edit: results out. Very happy with swim and ok run. But definately need to work on bike.

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