Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Let it begin.

So welcome to my world.. This blog is going to be something of a diary for myself, training done, climbing weekends had (few and far between i suspect), mountain biking, canoeing, banding, beer and random musings. I hope those that come along stick around as i know i've picked up bloggage from my wanderings on the web and hope those that find this aren't put off.

I've been considering doing a blog for a while, but have often wondered what target audience i'd be going for. However, after a bit of an exchange from a friend I decided that why not!

I seem to be having quite a busy time of things at the moment so it should lead to a heathly choice of pickings for posts and I will try to make this a regular update. But, starting how I mean to go on am off to the Italian alps next week! So expect an update on that when i get back all euporic from the mountains again.

Afterall there is something about mountains that is food for the soul. So, let feeding commence!

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