Monday, 11 June 2012


So for the last week I’ve been in Fontainebleau, bouldering. For those not in the know, think sand, trees, cheese and BOULDERS! Thousands of them..

It was wickedly brilliant fun. I’ve not been climbing much of late, I’ve felt a little ‘lost’ at the wall and had no enthusiasm to go. What’s more no real time TO go. So it was a mixed bag of emotions heading over, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do anything, but I was happy to be meeting up with friends. I’ve also been suffering with a chesty cough thing which still hasn’t yet gone.. but it was France, bread, cheese and wine would fuel me through.

The gite was awesome, I met some new folk, some old, climbed a lot, played some frizbee, did some slack-lining, a couple of small runs and a fair chunk of reading. Highlight for me was probably going back to the elephant area, it’s a lovely area, but can be a bit scarily high (it somehow didn’t feel too bad). That day I pretty much whupped a black route - 6a/v4 into quick submission (only just falling off the top slopers on the first go).

The second was finding a wonderful slab climb, just gorgeous and getting my non-climbing wife up it on the second go.. She likewise almost had it on the first, but got a bit freaked out. She had rattled on during the week doing whites, yellows and even almost nailing a blue! She’s gonna be cranking harder than me at this rate!

In other news:

Wooooooooaaaah less than a month to the saunders! Some long runs must be had!

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