Monday, 25 June 2012

Braai time!

Yoga on Thursday was great fun, still really enjoying the sessions (when I get there) and find them really useful to stretch out. Friday I left wifey to the her gym session and instead had a beer festival to play at. It was cracking good fun and there might have been a tipple or two had. Plus a good catch up with band peeps as I’ve been somewhat absent of late.

Saturday dawned to a lazy morning, but quickly developed into zumba for wifey and a gym session for me. It was good to work out, but I kept it upper body and minimal cardio for reasons which will become clear. After this was a much needed food shop and lunch before jumping in the car to get up to brum for a Braai, that’s a BBQ to you and me.

It was Jon’s birthday and his regular braai’s are pretty cool! Much beer consumed we collapsed into bed. Unfortunately Jon caught a stomach bug (no really..) and so didn’t get any sleep. Which meant the MTB plans for Sunday went a little awry. However, they were quite happy to have grace stay for lunch and baby cuddles so I was still able to meet up with Barney for a session at cannock. It was cracking good fun and my legs although used to running and not biking held up pretty ok to my need for simplicity – see photo. Yup one gear and for once I, king of punctures, suffered….. drum roll please. NONE! Whoop! Still I better not be too happy I’m guessing I’ll suffer retribution in the near future.

Then on the way back down stopped in for a bit of tea and further cake with Stig & Tara and chilled out on the boat before getting home and washing the bike.

phone camera can't seem to cope with the BLING of shiny clean bike!

This week is a much needed doc’s app, who had better not tell me to MTFU because this has been 4 weeks of coughing now and I’m a bit fed up of it.

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