Monday, 13 February 2012

Wood and chores

I decided on a gym, run, gym combo in the end. Was quite good although i'd been suffering from a tight right hamstring. So lots of stretching, some use of the power plate thing in the gym for massage and it seems back on track. I also had a bit of help to us the smith press machine so will encorporate that in a bit more. The weekend was one at home ;-). Went out to the local pub friday with wifey (much enjoyed) but it was a bit of a cold walk to and from this! Being at home and shattered from a busy week had a mahoosive lie in saturday. Something like 12 hrs of sleep. Must have been muchos needed.
Was then up and out to collect logs locally and deliver back home, whilst wifey went to the gym to give zumba a try. She really enjoyed this and has booked in for next week too. We then had a very late burns night to attend over in Thame, a nice evening but a bit of a cold drive home, car was reading minus 12! Stayed up to chat with wifey for a bit then crashed to bed.
Sunday was making the most of being at home, so went for a winter walk with wifey. Ended up being a bit late for that so food shop, ravenous lunch and chores made up the rest of the day. Chat with Bro and a chiltern beer to top it all off.
Not bad, not bad at all i'd say! Bring on the peak mini-mountain marathon this weekend..

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